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Tyrone tells Alina about Maria’s threat. She encourages him to call her bluff and be honest with Fiz. Jenny has a flirty chat with Ronnie before she sets off to see Johnny. Brian calls at No.6 and tells Cathy that it turns out that Rita’s Weatherfield Golden Heart Award is genuine, the trolls appear to have given up and it’s time she came home. She refuses, saying that if she does, she’ll kill off The Kabin’s trade again. Tim invites Gary to stay at No.4 for as long as he likes. Fiz asks Emma if Tyrone has been in their flat and is told that Lucas and Alina are seeing each other. In the garage, Tyrone confides in Kevin that he’s planning to tell Fiz that he and Alina are for keeps. A smitten Seb and Nina mull over what a great night they had. As Gemma and Rita chat in The Kabin, they are interrupted by the arrival of Sharon Bentley. Rita is stunned. Tyrone tells Alina he’s booked a night in Knutsford hotel for two of them but she’s more concerned that he’s putting off telling Fiz. Gemma listens with suspicion as Sharon reveals that she was the one who nominated Rita for the Golden Heart for her fostering skills. Relating how she has got over a recent bout of cancer, Sharon says she wants to make amends and be forgiven for her past actions. Fiz receives an email confirming the hotel booking. Chesney reckons Tyrone’s planning to surprise her. In the Rovers, Rita and Gemma listen as Sharon reveals that Ian ran off with a woman he met on the internet. Gemma rings Jenny to return as quickly as possible. Sharon pushes for updates on the neighbours, including Kevin, Sally, Gail, the Duckworths and Curly. She is especially interested in Leanne. Kirk asks Gary to speak to Faye about Craig and prevent him leaving the police. Fiz calls at the garage and quizzes Kevin about Tyrone’s whereabouts and intentions. Kevin acts dumb. With Rita gone, Jenny bursts into the Rovers, interrogating Sharon as to exactly what she is up to. Finding out she is Alan Bradley’s daughter, Sharon stands her ground, but Jenny is on edge as to what is really going on. Yasmeen and Elaine advise Cathy to take advantage of Brian’s love and support. Izzy berates Gary for neglecting Jake. Jenny determines to find out what Sharon is up to. Fiz sees Alina and Lucas chatting and asks them at cross purposes about their relationship. As she’s put right about their mistake, Tyrone drives up in the breakdown van and from their words, Fiz realises that she’s the one out in the cold.


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