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As Peter and Carla's wedding day dawns, Nina is still hard at work on Carla's dress. Fiz and Tyrone force themselves to act normally around Hope and Ruby. Faye spends her last day of freedom with Craig as they await the outcome of Ray's plea hearing. Daniel is concerned about how ill Peter looks and urges him to postpone the wedding but Peter says it's just nerves. Nina finishes the dress just in time. Seb asks Nina out but she's already made plans to go to a gig. He's disappointed when she fails to invite him. The wedding preparations remind Daniel of Sinead and how important it is to cherish your loved ones. Peter decides that he wants Daniel to come to the wedding as his best man. Elaine thinks that Brian should be told where Cathy is as he frets about her whereabouts. Daniel goes against Peter's wishes and tells Ken about the wedding. Jess Heywood congratulates Craig on his attachment with the CID. Seeing him with Faye, she reminds Craig that he must disclose to his superiors that his girlfriend has a criminal record or he could land himself in trouble. Seb worries that Nina will think he's too clingy if he asks to come along to the gig but Abi tells him to stop mucking about and let her know how he feels about her. As they reminisce about Hayley, Carla realises she can't bear to exclude Roy from the wedding and asks her to give her away again. He happily accepts. Brian starts to panic when Nessa lets him know that Cathy isn't with her. He's about to call the police when Elaine informs him where she really is. An unsuspecting Tyrone meets Fiz at the bistro and discovers she's arranged a relationship counselling session with Toyah. He goes through the motions as Toyah conducts the session. Daniel agrees to be best man but begs Peter to seek medical attention. Peter promises that he will once the ceremony is over and is annoyed that he's spoken to Ken. Craig makes it clear to Kirk that if he has to choose between the CID and Faye, he'll choose Faye. Toyah gets nowhere with Fiz and Tyrone as Bernie keeps chiming in to slag Tyrone off, considering Fiz family through Chesney. Brian barges into No.6 and asks Cathy to come home. Cathy says she's staying there whether he likes it or not. Excluded from the wedding, Tracy can't stop worrying about Peter. Peter is late arriving at the hotel for the wedding. When he and Daniel arrive, it is obvious to everyone that Peter is not well. Reading their own vows, Peter and Carla get through the ceremony as fast as possible and are declared husband and wife. Seb asks Nina if he can join her at the gig, which turns out to be a goth concert. She agrees but tells him he'll have to dress up. Craig breaks the news that Ray has pleaded not guilty to attempted rape. Faye is dismayed as she'll have to testify at his trial and even if he's convicted, it'll be too late to help her case. At No.9, Tyrone is dying to get away and calls Alina in secret. Abi has an idea on how to help Seb. Peter and Carla return to the street as a married couple. Immediately after leaving the wedding car, Peter collapses.


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