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Ed stays out all night and claims afterwards that he was catching up on paperwork at the yard. Peter realises he has to trust Leanne to look after Simon for the time being. Hope doesn't understand why Tyrone has left home and thinks he doesn't love her any more. Natasha gets Gail to mind Sam while she's at a meeting. Gail is pleased when she says she won't punish her for Nick's mistakes. Fiz's heart breaks when she reads in Hope's homework book a fictitious account of a family holiday they supposedly went on over Easter; Hope made something up for her teachers rather than tell the truth. Roy encourages Fiz, saying he knows she'll do what it takes to get her children through the crisis. Seb lets slip to Michael that he and Paul were up late playing cards with Ed. Michael realises his dad lied. Abi thinks it's time Tyrone moved out. Kevin agrees but neither of them wants to tell him. Brian reports Cathy's online abuse to the police. Tyrone sees Alina laughing with Lucas and asks her if they're an item now. She says they aren't and is annoyed by his jealousy. She asks him to visit her at the flat later to talk things over. Craig tells Brian that the police can't act unless Cathy is actually threatened. Tracy thinks Peter has a responsibility to make his wedding a big affair to raise the family's spirits. Peter maintains that it'll be just him and Carla but placates Tracy by letting her organise the buttonholes. Gemma stumbles across a Deepfake video of Cathy doing the rounds. While she's away from her laptop, Bernie uses Gemma's social media account to message the uploader, LuckyDuck372. Michael confronts Ed over his return to gambling. Ed says it was an excuse to stay away from home. Roy tells Tyrone that he needs to start thinking about Hope and Ruby. Craig informs Gemma that her social media account was used to make a death threat against LuckyDuck372. She realises Bernie is responsible. Tyrone is wracked with guilt when Fiz tells him about Hope's diary. Fiz suggests that he moves back home, for the girls' sake.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Abi puts pressure on Kevin to talk to Tyrone about moving out; and Brian reports Cathy's online abuse to Craig, who is apologetic but explains there is nothing the police can do.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,897,056 viewers (9th place).
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