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Leanne waits nervously in the flat with Toyah and Imran, having packed her things for her and Simon’s departure to an unknown future. Carla say she has to work and can’t join Peter for his liver consultation, so Daniel is going instead. Dev has been released by the police after being questioned for the drugs being handed out via the chip shop. Nick is stunned to hear that Simon was involved and has been arrested. Imran reluctantly confirms the news, advising him to speak to Leanne as soon as possible. Informed by Tracy about Simon’s arrest, Peter runs round to Leanne’s flat, furious as to what’s happened and shocked that they’re moving away. They row but Simon yells at him to shut up. Peter discovers that Carla knew something of what was up, but she lied to Peter to protect him. Simon throws him out. Todd tells George that he reckons Eileen has taken a shine to him and referred to him as "classy and dignified". George preens whilst Todd smiles to himself. Peter feels guilty for letting his son down again but forgives Carla for keeping him in the dark. She’s delighted that he’s talking about their futures in a more upbeat fashion than he’s done for a long time. A guilty Amy overhears Cathy telling Roy that an upset Alex is going to stay with Nessa in Inverness at her insistence as he’s continuing to receive online abuse. As Carla hands in her notice, she mentions to Nick that Leanne is moving away. He questions Toyah and hears the full story about her involvement with Harvey. Ken has gone to Southampton to stay with an old teaching colleague. Todd tells his mother that George carries a torch for her. Billy finds out that he’s matchmaking to get a further hold on the funeral business. Nick calls on Leanne, hurt that he’s being pushed away again. When he talks about how he’s losing her, she breaks down in tears, saying how sorry she is. He declares his love and support for her. Steve buys new cycling shoes. Amy shows him some of the online abuse that Alex has received. Leanne tells Nick not to put his life on hold for her as she’s unsure as to when she and Simon will be able to return, if ever. Carla takes delivery of two surprise engraved wedding rings she ordered. A shocked Peter is told that his liver hasn’t improved, he needs a transplant, but there’s no guarantee he’ll be eligible for one.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • Both this episode and the next were produced with the intention of them being transmitted as a one-hour instalment on Friday 9th April at 7.30pm, however the sudden death of Prince Philip which had occurred earlier that same day led to the schedules being cleared for tribute programmes. An extra one-hour episode was shown on Tuesday 13th April.
  • The TV Times synopsis for the episode due to be shown on 9th April only covered events in the second half of the episode, i.e. Episode 10296 (12th April 2021).
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,815,736 viewers (10th place).

Notable dialogue

Nick Tilsley: “I really don’t know how he got himself into so much trouble.”
Carla Connor: “It’s a Barlow talent, I’m afraid.”

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