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Having barely slept, a weary Fiz explains to Chesney that it’s not just about Alina, but that her and Tyrone’s relationship died a long time ago. She has rung a livid Evelyn with the news. Fiz swears she will never allow Hope and Ruby to be split up. Tyrone thanks Kevin for putting him up and assures him that he made the right decision leaving Fiz. Ned has spent the night on Leanne's sofa. He orders her to phone in sick to work from the solicitors as the drugs delivery is back on. Suspicious, he takes her mobile off her. The Kabin has suffered further vandalism and the strain is telling on Brian and Cathy. Todd gets dressed in black for his first day at the funeral parlour. Nick and Toyah watch as Harvey approaches Leanne’s flat. Nick assumes he’s the new boyfriend whilst Toyah’s enraged to realise her sister’s skiving off work. Cathy braves the cafe where Tracy immediately begins insulting her, but Bernie spiritedly stands up for her friend. Harvey and Ned set off to pick up the drugs, taking Simon with them as insurance. Leanne begs them to take her instead, but her plea falls on deaf ears. Bernie assures Cathy that she’ll always have a welcome at No.5. Before they set off, Simon manages to tell Leanne where he’s hidden a phone for her to inform the police with. DS Glynn meets Leanne and assures her that Simon will be safe, being arrested and questioned as a cover when they ambush Harvey. Steve continues to be sharp towards Peter. Toyah berates Leanne for her lack of gratitude towards Imran. Tyrone tells Alina that he and Fiz have split up and he’s free. He’s pleased when she offers to see him later. Todd presents George with a business plan but he’s unhappy with some of the tedious duties given to him. Nick reminds Carla they’ve got a meeting with Lucas. She insists he’ll have to go it alone as she’s not prepared to jeopardise her relationship with Peter. When Steve overhears Peter organising a blood test, he apologises for being short with him. They agree to get back to being mates. Simon rings Leanne from the police station, assuring her he’s fine but Harvey got away and he’s now coming for her. Cathy calls at No.5 with fish and chips, but Gemma gives her short shrift and Cathy’s crushed to realise even her mates are deserting her. Harvey bursts into the flat, accusing Leanne of being a grass.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ned orders Leanne to phone in sick to work as the drugs delivery is back on; Tracy verbally attacks Cathy; and Kevin assures Tyrone that he made the right decision.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,086,177 viewers (5th place).
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