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Part One: Gemma explains that she took action for Fiz’s sake. An angry Tyrone asks her to leave. Ned demands to know if he’s being recorded. Leanne and Simon manage to convince him that they’re on his side. Alina returns to her flat where Emma is horrified when she bursts into tears. Fiz rounds on Tyrone, furious that he accused her of shopping Alina to the authorities. Brian confronts Dev over stealing business from The Kabin, but he’s unmoved. Leanne is desperate to leave the flat to alert the police about the Salford Quays drop-off. Kirk tells Craig that if he is really interested in Faye, he ought to keep her company with Elaine. Nina hears from David that Seb has made a haircut appointment, asking for it all to be shaved off. Emma assures Alina that people will stop gossiping about her eventually. Making out she’s some shopping to do, Leanne heads out of the flat, leaving Simon alone with Ned. Fiz looks Tyrone in the eye and demands to know if he’s in love with Alina.

Part Two: Fiz pushes Tyrone into admitting that he does love Alina. Fiz feels utterly rejected and demands that the girls are told that their holiday is off and they are splitting up. Nina sees Seb wearing a beanie hat which he takes off to reveal that he and David were having her on, getting her to admit that she likes him as he is. Craig returns to No.4 where Faye explains that Elaine had to go as she was called into work by Alya. Craig explains that he got Alya to summon her in. Brian and Cathy are horrified when someone puts a brick through The Kabin's window. Leanne meets up with DS Glynn and fills him in on Ned’s drug plans. Tyrone and Fiz explain to an upset Hope and Ruby that Tyrone is moving out. Cathy finally cracks and tells Tracy and Dev that she was responsible for the nasty comment online, not Brian. They are contemptuous that she let Brian take the blame and Tracy warns her that things are far from over. Leanne returns to the flat to find that the drop-off is cancelled but Ned’s not going anywhere until he receives Harvey’s revised instructions. Tyrone packs a bag to move into No.13. Fiz cries as he goes.


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