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Tyrone heads off to work whilst Fiz starts packing for their caravan holiday. Simon goes to No.1 for Peter’s birthday roast dinner. Harvey sends Leanne a text telling her that he’s sending one of his associates round. Faye invites Craig round as Sally and Tim are planning to go to Formby for an Easter trip. Nina confides in Roy that she’s worried for Asha as she’d never have got back with Corey if it weren’t for her. Fiz tells Gemma about her ultimatum to Alina to leave the area. Tyrone stands up for Alina when he sees Sally and Kirk giving her a hard time in the street. Gemma observes him helping her with a dropped box of beauty products that she’s moving into her new business in the salon - "Pop Dead Gorgeous". DS Glynn assures Leanne that they’ll be watching her flat carefully. Tyrone explains to Alina that it was Fiz’s idea she should move away, not his. The Gazette carries a front-page story about Brian’s supposed trolling of Steve. Fiz hears from Sally that Tyrone stood up for Alina. Faye's plans for a romantic afternoon with Craig are ruined when Elaine breezes in with an armful of DVD musicals, intent on watching them with her granddaughter. Nick collects a charger from the flat where Leanne is keen for him to leave as soon as possible and demands he hands his keys back. Fiz rails at Tyrone for taking Alina’s side and demands that she be gone for good. She reluctantly agrees that they continue with their holiday plans. One of Harvey’s dealers, Ned, turns up at Leanne’s flat and to her horror, explains that he’s involved in a delivery and he’ll be using her flat to bag up the drugs. Simon returns to find him there. Nina tells Seb they need to cool their relationship as they’re hurting Asha. Craig flees No.4 rather than watch The Sound of Music. As Tyrone packs up the car, he spots an Immigration Enforcement van outside the salon. Alina explains to him that they’re raiding the premises as someone has reported her for tax evasion. David lets slip to Brian that the corner shop is now selling newspapers and greetings cards. Ned becomes suspicious of Leanne’s motives when she quizzes him about the drugs delivery. Gemma helps Fiz with her packing. Tyrone bursts in and accuses Fiz of shopping Alina to Immigration. Gemma confesses it was her who did it.


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