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Corey is accepted into County's Youth Academy. Asha isn't yet ready to tell Dev that they're back together. Summer is thrilled by Billy and Todd's reunion. Chesney pushes Fiz to decide whether to forgive Tyrone or let him go, as keeping him at arm's length will only push him towards Alina. Michael is now refusing to speak to Aggie or allow her to see Glory. Craig takes the day off to spend with Faye but she doesn't want to see him. Grace admits to Michael that she let Aggie do a video call with Glory. Todd is confident that he'll be able to sweet talk Sarah into giving him his job back now that he's remaining in Weatherfield. Chesney babysits Hope and Ruby while Fiz and Tyrone hash things out at Speed Daal. Nina tells Asha that she's thinking of asking Seb out. Tyrone calls his kiss with Alina a moment of madness, that shouldn't be allowed to destroy their family. Michael calls Aggie and rails at her for going behind his back by calling Grace. She says she has a right to see her granddaughter. Sarah refuses to take Todd back on at Underworld. Nina and Seb plan their first date - a film night. Faye visits Gary at Highfield Prison. Resigned to being behind bars soon herself, she tells him she's trying to get Craig to dump her so that he's free to meet someone else. Gary urges her to let Craig make his own mind up. Fiz can't resist bringing Alina up constantly and Tyrone tells her that he's not prepared to spend the rest of his life walking on eggshells around her. Eileen tours George's new funeral parlour in Victoria Street and is intrigued to hear that his assistant has left the firm. Tyrone warns Chesney not to interfere with his and Fiz's relationship. Dev finds out that Seb is seeing Nina and worries about how Asha will take it. Fiz wonders if she's taken Tyrone for granted. Maria tells her she should be blaming Alina, not Tyrone. At the same time, Kevin warns Tyrone that saving his relationship will take a lot of hard work on his part. Faye admits to Craig that she's been trying to make him go off her as she doesn't want him to wait for her. Craig says he doesn't mind as he loves her. She returns the sentiment. Corey grows weary of Asha refusing to go to bed with him. She's about to give in to please him when Dev joins them at No.7. He immediately throws Corey out and asks Asha what she's playing at. Her insistence that Corey has changed is met with incredulity and, finding out that she already knows about Nina and Seb, he suspects that Asha is on the rebound from Nina. Fiz agrees to take Tyrone back, on one condition: that he asks Alina to move away. Todd leaves his CV at the funeral parlour, having heard about the job vacancy from Eileen. George warns him that he's only interested in candidates with undertaking experience but changes tack when Todd unleashes his sales technique on an unsuspecting client and sells her the most expensive funeral plan, conceding that he has got the job. Dev accuses Nina of rubbing Asha's nose in it by moving on so quickly. Tyrone carries out Fiz's ultimatum, telling Alina that it's not practical for them to move so it has to be her. The suggestion angers her. Asha is furious with Dev for meddling again. She gets her own back by saying that she's back with Corey whether he likes it or not. Tyrone lies to Fiz that Alina agreed to consider moving away.


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