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Eileen is upset as Todd makes final preparations to leave the street. Todd maintains that Billy is the love of his life and he can't stay here if he doesn't love him back. Paul is hung-over after spending the night drowning his sorrows. He tells Billy that he was out with Jimmi. Kirk tells Maria about Tyrone's kiss with Alina. Maria advises Tyrone to get Alina out of his head or he's sure to lose Fiz. Faye prepares for her plea hearing. She hopes for a reduced sentence in light of the news that Ray has been charged with sexual assault. Craig can't be there to support her as he has to work. Asha goes out to the park with Corey instead of his house as he keeps trying to get her into bed. Roy advises Nina not to get involved when she expresses doubts about Asha and Corey. Todd tells Sarah he's quitting the factory without working notice. She's angry that he's leaving her in the lurch. Seb gets chatting to Nina in the cafe and receives a sermon about building site traffic polluting the air. Seb suggests she do something about it instead of complaining. Michael considers settling the matter of his paternity with a DNA test. He seemingly decides against it for Ed's sake when his dad reacts badly to the suggestion. Maria books a consultation with Alina when she hears she's setting up a pop-up beautician's in the salon. Faye enters her plea and has to go back in two weeks' time for her sentencing. Paul admits to Daniel that he hasn't really got a new boyfriend and it was all an act for Billy's benefit. Daniel urges him to come clean to Billy. Nina and Shona set up an outdoor cafe, blocking all traffic in Victoria Street. Seb is caught in the resulting traffic jam and can't get to the building site. Nina refuses to budge until they shut at 5.00pm. Paul confesses to Billy that he's been lying about Jimmi to make him jealous and is still in love with him. He's devastated when Billy uses his deceit as another reason they shouldn't be together; he cannot be trusted. Roy arrives and forces Nina to move the tables back inside, calling her protest foolhardy. Billy realises he wants to be with Todd and rushes to the tram station to stop him from leaving. A late tram means he catches Todd just in time. Maria takes advantage of being alone with Alina to demand that she stay away from Tyrone. Alina thinks she wants Tyrone for herself. Seb tells Nina he's getting a haircut later as he's sick of the lads tacking the mickey. Nina tells him he's betraying himself by changing to suit others. Billy gently breaks the news to Paul that he's back with Todd. A furious Paul says they deserve each other. Michael orders a DNA test after all, as he can't live with the uncertainty. He swears Ronnie to secrecy and informs him that whatever the result, Ed will always be his dad. Seb takes Nina's advice and foregoes his haircut. They discover they have the same taste in music. Paul wonders if Todd plotted to split him and Billy up. Sally and Abi take Faye out to Speed Daal to bring her out of herself. They can't promise that she won't go to prison but assure her they'll stand by her if she does. Todd puts on act of feeling guilty to Billy. He sees a tearful Paul looking up at the flat from the street and draws the curtains.


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  • This hour-long episode was transmitted at 8.00pm on Thursday 1st April as Coronation Street was bumped from its slot on Wednesday 31st March by ITV football coverage of an England v Poland World Cup qualifier. The episode was made up of two production codes: P694/10287, written by David Isaac, and P694/10288, written by Mark Burt.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sarah is furious when Todd hands his notice in, leaving her in the lurch; Michael assures Ed that he will always be his dad, no matter what; and Faye hears that Ray has been charged with sexual assault, but as she returns from her plea hearing, she is convinced she is going to prison.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,890,193 viewers (9th place).
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