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Billy sees Todd's emotional manipulation for what it is and accuses him of being up to his old tricks. He tells him he can't love someone who does a runner when things get tough. Summer arrives in the midst of his sermon. Michael thinks Ronnie is hiding something from him. Ronnie admits that he thinks he's his dad. Harvey tells Leanne that he doesn't need her today. Todd explains to Summer that he doesn't really want to leave and was hoping Billy would stop him. He tells her that he and Billy had a moment several weeks ago that led him to think Billy still has feelings for him. Summer is upset that he still plans to go to Bromsgrove. Ed arrives as Ronnie is telling Michael everything. Michael takes the news badly and, as his potential fathers argue, he tells them both to leave. Todd advises Paul to show Billy that he doesn't need him any more as it's the only way that Billy will move on. Imran and Toyah take Kelly out to Speed Daal to celebrate her moving in. Back sleeping on Gail's sofa, Nick takes Natasha up on her offer to stay at hers permanently. Summer warns Billy that he going to lose both Todd and Paul if he carries on. Michael forgives Ed for keeping the truth from him when he discovers that Ed only found out recently himself. Ed defends Aggie when Michael says she's betrayed them both. Paul lies to Billy that he has a new man. Todd arrives in Paul's wake to comfort a devastated Billy. Imran promises Kelly that what Rick did won't affect how he treats her. Michael tells Grace that she and Glory are his family now. Billy stuns Todd by saying that his move to Bromsgrove could give all of them the fresh start they need. Nick tells Leanne that he'd turn Natasha down if in favour of moving back into the flat. He senses that something isn't right but Leanne tells him to move in with Natasha and doesn't reply when he says he loves her. Todd confesses to Eileen that he was only using the job to get back with Billy and instead he's inadvertently made Billy realise that he still has feelings for Paul.


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