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Simon returns home in the morning from a sleepover with Aadi to find no sign of Leanne and an excuse on the answerphone that she's at the doctors while, in truth, she languishes in her police cell. Summer suggests to an annoyed Todd that deep down, Billy still has feelings for Paul. Forming his own plan, Todd suggests to Paul that they should go for a few drinks in a hotel in town for the afternoon. Imran tries to avoid Kelly. In a bid to get their relationship back on track, Fiz tells Tyrone she's arranged for Roy to babysit so they can spend the evening together. Leanne's questioning recommences while her burner phone is examined. Simon asks for Nick's help with his missing mum, being truthful about her not going to France and that she has barely left the flat since Christmas. Leanne covers for Simon to DS Glynn, making out he was never involved in any drugs deliveries and she only got involved to protect him getting involved any more deeply with Harvey. A puzzled Billy sees Todd and Paul heading out together. DS Glynn tells Leanne they've been watching Harvey, are aware he grooms young lads, and they need her help to nail him. With no direct connection to Harvey found on the phone, Glynn pushes her to help him. Unable to find Leanne, Nick lets slip to Simon that another man was in the flat yesterday. Sean starts to look over expensive furniture. Billy finds it weird that two of his exes now seem to be good friends. At the hotel, Todd surreptitiously summons a contact from a dating site. Tyrone cancels his night with Fiz, explaining that he has to work late. Fiz does her best to mask her hurt. Kelly marches up to Toyah and before Imran can stop her, introduces herself and explains how she'd like them to foster her. Toyah admires her forthright approach. While Paul is in the toilet, Jimmi turns up at the hotel, annoyed that Todd got him there to meet someone else. Leanne agrees to work for the police, provided they can guarantee her family's safety. Paul is puzzled to meet Jimmi when he returns to their table. Leanne returns home and lies to Harvey, making out she didn't have time to deliver his drugs. He threatens her to get on with it if she values Simon's life. Eileen and Sean tease Billy that he's jealous of Paul and Todd. Glory is off the ventilator but suffering from anaemia. Ronnie tells Ed he's a carrier of sickle cell disease and that could be the root of the problem. Ed bridles at Ronnie assuming he's the grandfather. Simon sees Leanne heading out furtively and decides to follow her. A happy Imran and Toyah agree to contact social services about fostering Kelly. Fiz calls at the garage with sandwiches for Tyrone but they both know that she's just checking up on him. As Jimmi flirts with Paul, Todd's pleased to see his plan coming together. As Leanne waits nervously for her drug dealer customer in her nurse's uniform, Simon appears. Promising she'll explain later, she implores him to go home. Making out there's a sudden crisis at home, Todd leaves Paul and Jimmi to it. Tyrone assures Fiz he won't be going near Alina again and she agrees to trust him. Back at the Rovers, Todd enjoys telling Billy how he left Paul in town having a high old time. Billy is suspicious. Kelly is delighted when Imran tells her that social services have agreed to some assessment sessions. Coming clean, Leanne and Simon row about the mess they are in between Harvey and the police. He begs her to stop being a grass. A pleased Todd plays hurt when Billy confesses that he thought he fancied Paul himself. Ed bridles at Ronnie assuming he's the grandfather and after speaking to Aggie, informs Ronnie that his condition wouldn't have any link to Glory's anaemia. Ronnie suspects them of closing ranks to hide the truth. Ed throws him out of the house. Leanne swears to Simon that she's going to protect him at all costs but they might have to move away.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and was transmitted at 7.30pm to allow a two-hour episode of Vera to be broadcast at 8.30pm. P694/10283 was written by Owen Lloyd-Fox and P694/10284 by Jonathan Harvey.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • Russell T. Davies, former storyliner and writer of the video spin-off Viva Las Vegas!, is name-checked in this episode.
  • The portion of the outdoor set normally used to represent the rear of Victoria Street is used to represent to unknown street where Leanne Battersby meets her drug's contact.
  • TV Times synopsis: Simon follows Leanne as she heads out on her latest illegal assignment; Todd takes Paul to a bar where he sets him up with a guy from a dating site; and Toyah and Imran agree to contact social services about fostering Kelly.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,419,166 viewers (7th place).
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