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A speechless Tyrone can only stare at Fiz. As Abi and Chesney emerge from their hiding places, Fiz hurries away in humiliation. The police officer explains there's been a spate of car jackings. Leanne breathes a sigh of relief and drives off. Tyrone follows Fiz home, and she calmly asks what is wrong between them. She has to push him to admit that he still fancies her. He says they're stuck in a rut and she realises from his words that he loves Alina. She retains her temper, feeling foolish for not realising what was going on. He assures her that they haven't slept together but they have had one kiss. She asks if the two of them want to be together and if he has ever considered the girls in this mess. She warns him that as time goes by, Alina won't want him and he will end up a sad, lonely old man. Chesney calls to find out what's going on and, in the hallway, Tyrone admits to the kiss. Chesney's disgusted with him. When Tyrone returns to the back room, Fiz has gone. Brian and Cathy return to The Kabin to see a lad spray-painting the word "troll" on the window. He runs off and a passing Amy gleefully admits that she's spread the word online about what they've done. Sean confides in Daisy that Rhydian is expecting him to host a Double Glammy seminar in Tameside, but he's worried about doing it alone. Daisy offers to help, in exchange for a cut. Leanne insists to Harvey that she wants out, but he has other plans and tells her that she's such a success and he's moving her onto bigger deals. He advises her to get herself some cover or disguise for her work. Cathy steels herself and explains to Brian how in a moment of madness, she posted some cruel words about Steve's fundraising which she now deeply regrets, and that people now think he did it. Brian vows to put things right and protect her. Having heard from Abi about Tyrone and Fiz, Seb tells Alina what's happened. Leanne steals one of Aggie's nurses' uniforms from her washing line. Alina decides to find out from Tyrone if he wants to be with her. Lying that he was behind the comments, Brian apologises to Tracy and Amy and offers to make a donation to the fund. Tyrone finds Fiz in the cafe. He assures her that Alina means nothing, she and the girls are his life and he'll do whatever it takes to put things right. From her window, Leanne despairs as she watches Nick, Natasha and Sam, looking to all intents the perfect family. Alina is devastated when Tyrone blanks her in the street.


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