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A happy Fiz makes arrangements to see Tyrone for lunch. He is in a grumpy, distracted mood. Simon is pleased to hear from Leanne that Nick is moving back in with them now that Natasha is back. Michael is shattered after a night at the hospital. Ed tries to talk about buying the car themselves instead of Ronnie, but Michael is too tired to discuss the matter. Cathy, aka "Lemondrop", feels guilty about her posts. Leanne is jealous to hear that Nick is staying with Natasha and that she has bought him a pair of joke pyjamas. Nick asserts that he'd rather be at home and she's the one stopping him. Leanne can't argue. Having received a text from Harvey, Leanne asks Nick if she can borrow his car. Chesney pushes Fiz into booking the holiday. Tyrone's secretly thrilled to find Alina's cardigan at the garage, giving him an excuse to call round. Meeting at the Rovers, Rhydian shows Sean a new set of sales targets which are four times higher than previous and tells him if he achieves them, he could have his dream city centre apartment soon. Daisy overhears their conversation. Amy's intrigued to read online a grovelling apology from "Lemondrop" and enlists the help of Aadi to track the troll down. Daisy offers her help to Sean, saying she enjoys ripping people off. Natasha offers to explain matters to Leanne, but Nick assures her that things will be fine. Ed tells Michael to accept Ronnie's offer. Aadi discovers from posts on other sites that "Lemondrop" is a local newsagent and Amy is quick to assume that Brian is their troll, seeking revenge for the paper bill dispute. Tyrone calls on Alina with the cardigan. Seb walks in on them, his suspicions immediately aroused. Fiz calls at the garage and is excited to tell Kevin and Abi what she's planning. Chesney joins them. Tyrone and Alina try to convince Seb there's nothing going on between them, but they admit to the one kiss. Sitting in Nick's car, Leanne is counting her money when a police officer knocks on the window. Abi and Chesney excitedly hide as Tyrone returns to the garage. They listen in as Fiz breaks the news to him about their surprise wedding. She's hurt when he shows no joy whatever at the prospect.


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