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Part One: With the gender reveal party set for today, Grace goes shopping for supplies. Ronnie wants to be involved and arranges to collect her from Freshco. The Gazette interviews Steve about his charity work. Steve asks Brian to put some copies of the paper aside for posterity, only to be tersely reminded that he's late paying his paper bill. Tracy wants to treat Steve as the flower shop is doing well. Debbie has a load of designer wedding dresses delivered to the bistro for Abi to try on. Abi sees it as an attempt to buy her forgiveness but goes out of obligation. Sally and Tracy join her. Alina buys a car for her business which breaks down almost straightaway. Ronnie's wife Kat shows up at No.3, having traced him through his social media. She assumes that he's there seeking a reconciliation with his ex - Aggie.

Part Two: Tracy helps herself to the free bar while the other women try the dresses, Abi with great reluctance. Cathy is embarrassed by Brian's tactlessness and pays off Steve's paper bill from her own purse. Ronnie denies Kat's allegations and tells her to go. She refuses to leave without an explanation. Their argument makes him late for picking Grace up. While she's waiting, Grace goes back inside the supermarket to use the toilet and is stopped by a security guard who asks to see her receipt as she didn't go near the till. Alina puts her car into the garage and impresses Tyrone with her knowledge of car engines. Debbie gets on at Abi to let her buy one of the dresses. The row escalates, causing Debbie to fall onto a plate of salad Tracy had put down, staining the dress she's wearing with beetroot. Unable to produce her receipt, Grace is taken through to the security office. The guard locks her inside while he goes to fetch a manager. While he's away, Grace starts having labour pains. Ronnie explains to Kat that Ed is unaware that he and Aggie have a history. He admits that he's there to find out whether Michael is really his, as Aggie fell pregnant just after they split up. They're interrupted by Ed.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • The Freshco car park scenes were recorded in the MediaCity studios backlot, specifically the area around Studios 5 and 6, with Freshco signage and a trolley bay erected as set dressing.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ronnie's estranged wife turns up, sick of him ignoring her calls; Tyrone falls for Alina when she shows her knowledge of car repairs; and Abi and Debbie's latest row lead to a stained wedding dress.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,454,833 viewers (7th place).
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