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Part One: Leanne tells Simon to find a way to secure Kelly's silence and to leave Harvey to her. Michael and Grace can't agree over whether to learn the sex of the baby ahead of the birth. Ronnie interests them in throwing a gender reveal party. Kelly finds out that the drug she took wasn't Ecstasy but a mild knock-off, which saved her. Tyrone's mortified when he accidentally compliments Alina when she shows him her new business website. Kelly thinks Simon's come to threaten her but the remorseful lad shocks her by saying she should tell the police everything. Leanne asks Imran for her job back at the solicitors office. He agrees but turns down her request for an advance on her wages. Michael tells the Baileys about the party and that Ronnie has offered to pay for it. Billy collects Kelly as she's discharged from hospital. She's hurt that her foster parents haven't bothered. Craig arrives to question her about where she got the drugs. Nick is pleased when Leanne visits him at the factory but disappointed when she asks for money. Her evasiveness over why she needs it leads Nick to refuse the request.

Part Two: Abi has an agonizing morning with Sally as her friend goes through all the wedding plans with her. Sally pushes her own opinions onto Abi and appoints herself as her maid of honour. Imran represents Kelly as she's interviewed at the police station. She is not happy to see him as he slandered Rick. Leanne's unable to get a payday loan but is saved when Nick arrives with £1,000, half of what she asked for. He reaffirms that he loves her. Ed doesn't like Ronnie paying for his son's party. Leanne pays Harvey the £1,000 and says it's all he's getting. Kelly starts off by telling the police she found the drugs in the ginnel but is quickly forced to admit that someone dealt them. Leanne tells Simon that Harvey accepted the money and their problems are over. Unseen by Simon, she handles a parcel of drugs for a delivery she's agreed to make in her son's place to repay the other £1,000.


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