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Peter begs Carla not to give up on them, but she's adamant she can't spend the rest of her life like this if he's continuing to drink and she has to clear up the mess. Her tears are interrupted as the doctor arrives to talk to Peter. Corey can't cope with the fact that Asha has replaced him with Nina. Insulting both girls, he slams out of the cafe. The doctor explains that Peter hadn't been drinking and his disorientation was caused by toxins arising from his liver failure. Carla is staggered by the diagnosis of Peter's innocence. Eileen warns Sean that Rhydian is taking him for a ride. Carla begs Peter's forgiveness, but he understands her position and orders her not to stay with him out of pity, but to do what will make her happy. Seb takes Alina to the Rovers in an attempt to sympathise with over her dog. Carla tells Lucas she is staying with Peter after realising she was running away from him and not wanting to be with Lucas as an alternative. He warns her that things won't improve. Sean meets with Rhydian and angrily tells him he wants out. A delighted Ken has a warm chat with Peter, apologising for not believing him. When Peter's alone, Lucas comes in and asks Peter to let Carla go, saying he loves her. Getting an admission from him that Peter cannot give any assurances that his drinking days are over, Lucas spills the beans that her friends think she should move on from him. Rhydian insists Sean can afford to own any car he wants but prefers leasing so he can keep updating. Sean's taken aback when Rhydian praises his talent and asks him to co-host his next recruitment seminar. Seb's intrigued when Alina lets slip to Todd and Emma that she has her eye on someone. Peter tells Carla about Lucas's visit. She swears she hasn't encouraged him, and that he exploited her fears when she thought he was drinking again. He believes her. Kevin tells Debbie they'd like to take up her offer about the Chariot Square Hotel. Left alone, Abi warns Debbie she's only doing it to keep Kevin happy and she doesn't trust her. A sheepish Steve visits Peter. In front of Ken, Peter angrily berates him for stabbing him in the back after working out that he was the friend who was talking to Lucas. Sean shows Todd the sports car that Rhydian's leased for him. Todd despairs. Ken's appalled with Steve and when Tracy tries to defend him, Ken tells them to find somewhere else to live.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • Last appearance of Ken Barlow until 15th September 2021.
  • A caption slide was omitted from the end credits and the storyliners, story producer and story editor listed above were uncredited.
  • TV Times synopsis: Peter encourages Carla to follow her heart; Sean is taken in by Rhydian's flattery; and Corey voices his disgust at Asha and Nina's relationship.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,901,025 viewers (15th place).
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