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Kirk winces in pain following his fall. Nick finds out about the Double Glammy boxes and that Sean lied to Kirk in saying that Nick had given permission to store them in the premises. Carla is impressed with the way that Lucas coped with looking after Lucy in her final illness. Kirk is disgusted with Sean for breaking their trust. Nick tries to point out that Sean's put him a difficult position and he quits before he's sacked. He asks Eileen if he can store his boxes at No.11 again. As Steve tears into him for drinking again, Peter weakly gasps that he's sober but unwell. Steve has to go back to work and locks Peter inside the house, despite his pleas. Yasmeen asks George round to explain her behaviour the other day. She offers to sell Jamila House, but he explains that he's now purchased the old Council Advice Centre on Victoria Street instead. Simon finds out that Jacob has been thrown out of his flat after it got raided. Fiz continues to tease an annoyed Tyrone about Alina. Lucas convinces Carla to take some time out for herself and they head into town. Todd tells Eileen that she lets Sean walk all over her. Steve returns to find Peter in a bad state but still thinks he's been drinking. Peter is puzzled when Steve mentions Oliver and doesn't know who he's talking about. Disgusted with his supposed selfishness, Steve walks out. Peter collapses on the floor. Leanne's stunned when Jacob moves his things into her flat. A scared Simon begs her to accept the situation, saying she doesn't know what Jacob's capable of. Tracy brings Steve home to talk things through with Peter and they find him collapsed. Sean asks for a rent holiday from Eileen. She upsets him when she asks about his previous plans to get his own place and he realises that Todd has been stirring it. He threatens to move out. With Peter taken to hospital, Steve tries to find Carla. Tyrone's unamused as Fiz jokes about the idea of him fancying Alina, stating that she's too young and beautiful for him. Tyrone's quietly miffed. Simon apologises to Leanne, saying he's let her down, but she's not pleased when a group of Jacob's friends turn up and she retreats to her bedroom. Elaine rehomes Tinkerbell. Yasmeen loves a framed poem that Elaine gives her about self-belief. Carla and Lucas arrive back to find Steve waiting with the news that Peter's been rushed to hospital, supposedly drunk.


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