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Part One: Leanne wakes up to find Jacob and Simon brazenly counting their drugs money in the flat. The lads laugh at her when she objects and Leanne finds herself mocked in her own home. Yasmeen is in good spirits after a night's rest in hospital and feels foolish for getting so worked up. Fiz asks Tyrone why his yoga mat has the initials "AP" on it. He says he lifted someone else's by mistake. Jacob continues to push Leanne's buttons. When he brings up Oliver's death, she snaps and tells him to leave, accidentally knocking over and breaking her late son's music box in her excited state. Carla questions Peter after Roy mentions that he saw him up and about at 5.00am. Peter says he went for a walk as he couldn't sleep. Simon tells Leanne she has to learn to tolerate Jacob as he's keeping a roof over their heads. Eileen moves Sean's boxes of Double Glammy products to the yard as they're taking over the house. Desperate to share her burden, Leanne goes to tell Peter everything. Carla refuses to trouble him as she fears more bad news will tip him over the edge. Yasmeen is told that she had a major panic attack caused by stress. Carla invites Leanne to unburden herself on her. Leanne tells her about Jacob and that Simon won't listen to her. Peter interrupts them and demands to know what the problem is.

Part Two: Carla makes out that Simon is struggling at college and manages to fob Peter off. Tyrone returns the mat to its owner, Alina. Sean stores the boxes at Underworld, where Kirk chastises him for ripping off his friends. Carla worries that Peter is using his early rises as a cover for boozing after he has a dizzy spell at No.1. Tyrone shows Alina how to make spreadsheets for her course. The spark between them is evident. Yasmeen is prescribed with antidepressants and advised to seek counselling. Carla tells Jacob to leave Simon alone or he'll regret it. Jacob is unfazed and orders Simon to shut Leanne up, for her sake.

Part Three: As Yasmeen arrives home, Alya and Ryan make sure that she doesn't have to lift a finger. Carla stops Peter from leaving the house to see Simon, saying she's had a word with him and everything's sorted. Elaine asks Yasmeen if her request for Tim to give away Geoff's assets was just the stress talking. Yasmeen says she meant every word and encourages her to take Geoff's share of Speed Daal, though Alya does convince her to keep No.6. Simon accuses Leanne of setting Carla onto Jacob and tells her she's an embarrassment. Eileen asks Sean if it's worth him alienating his friends to earn a little bit of money for Dylan. Yasmeen convinces Elaine to accept Geoff's share, noting that Geoff would have hated that and if it wasn't for her, she'd still be in prison. Leanne struggles to contain her temper as Jacob laughs at Oliver's nursery rhyme CD before lighting a joint.

Part Four: Jacob challenges Leanne to call the police if she doesn't like it. A guilty Tyrone tells Fiz he's packing in the yoga as he'd rather be at home with his family. Leanne decides that she was unwise to ask for help and tells Carla that Jacob backed off when she threatened him with the police. Sean calls Rhydian and tells him that he wants out. Elaine thinks about moving closer to Weatherfield and accepts Yasmeen's invitation to move into No.6. Peter staggers into No.1 after another secret late-night jaunt.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and was transmitted at 7.30pm. P694/10265 was written by Ella Greenhill and P694/10266 by Steven Fay.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne finds Jacob and Simon counting their drug money, and when she objects, Jacob makes a dig about her dead son. She begs Simon to stay away from Jacob and stop dealing, but Simon points out the truth - they need the money.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,370,951 viewers (7th place).
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