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Simon leaves a message on Kelly's phone apologising for how he spoke to her. Nick calls round with breakfast for Leanne and Simon and takes in the state of the flat. Ryan wants others to take some of the strain in looking after Yasmeen so he and Alya can have more time together. Yasmeen asks Alya to show the estate agent round the community centre as she can't face doing so. Gail tells Audrey that Eileen enjoyed messing up the funeral. At the same time, Eileen tells George that she was only having a drink and a laugh with Tim and Steve who have both had a dreadful time recently. She apologises to him for the funeral mess-up and assures him it was entirely unintentional. Johnny is still struggling with his eyesight and an unsympathetic Kai. Gail calls into the cafe and drags George off to the library to do some further genealogy research. Eileen is jealous. Sam begs Simon to take him on a bike ride. Elaine wishes she could do more for Yasmeen. As Simon and Sam are about to set off, Jacob pulls up in his car and tells Simon he's got an important job for him. Promising Sam he won't be long, Simon heads off, accidentally leaving his delivery bag behind. Jacob's job is to put the fear of God into a lad who has been stealing and mouthing off about their business. Asha complains to Nina that Dev's over-the-top support for her is stressing her out. He invites Nina over for tea. Dev and Mary plan the evening, determined to impress Nina with cauliflower wellington and a lesbian French film. Sam sees Jacob and Simon chasing after the lad in their car. Elaine buys another chicken for Yasmeen to replace Charlotte Brontë. Yasmeen isn't happy with the gesture. Johnny avoids taking his medication. Eileen tries to find out what's going on between Gail and George from Audrey. Gary warns Johnny to watch out for Kai. Having caught up with the terrified lad and locked him in their boot, Jacob threatens to burn him alive and pours water over the boot to scare him but lets him go eventually. Simon sees that Sam has followed on his bike and witnessed the assault. The boy pedals off and Jacob realises that he was carrying Simon's bag with some of their gear in it. He orders him to get it back. Geoff's solicitor tries to contact Tim. Sam feigns sleep when Simon calls round at No.8 to see him and he is unable to retrieve the bag. Gary tries to speak up for Johnny with Kai. Asha is embarrassed as Dev goes over the top when Nina arrives. Yasmeen sees that the new Speed Daal menus have been introduced without her promised involvement. She tells Alya, Ryan and Elaine that she knows they're all doing their best to help, but they have to let her start making some of her own decisions if she's to move on. Seeing Gail and George returning from the library, Eileen takes the mickey out of Gail and her family tree and a row escalates. Asha finds it an ordeal watching the film with Dev, but Nina's touched that they've gone to so much trouble. George has to summon Audrey to stop the row. He can stand it no more and orders them all to shut up. Nina tells Asha watching the film with Dev reminded her of similar times with her own dad. Elaine tells Tim that she feels she's stopping Yasmeen from recovering from Geoff and it would be better if she kept away. After a call from Geoff's solicitor, a shocked Tim reveals to Sally that according to Geoff's will, he now owns half of No.6 and a quarter of Speed Daal. Kai sees Johnny with the pills he's avoided taking. Jacob warns Simon to get the drugs back from Sam as he can't protect him from the consequences if he doesn't.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and was transmitted at 7.30pm. Both parts were written by Owen Lloyd-Fox.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • The boy locked up and threatened in Jacob Hay's car is uncredited although he has lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Having witnessed an assault, Sam flees with Simon's bags of cocaine; and Tim reveals to Sally that, according to Geoff's will; he now owns half of No 6 and a quarter of Speed Daal.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,485,937 viewers (6th place).
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