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Part One: The bailiff explains to Alya that they will be putting in place a repayment plan, but if Yasmeen fails to keep up the payments, they will seize her goods instead. They make an inventory of them. Eileen tries to apologise to Gail, but her insincerity shows through. Eileen is thrown when George orders her to leave. Carla assures Peter that she loves him but can't help wondering if it's being with her that drives him to drink. He's not impressed with Lucas when he walks into the office. When Jeremy passes on a message from Oliver, telling Leanne he forgives her, she breaks down. With Peter gone, Lucas tells Carla that Sarah gave a great sales pitch and as a result, they've got the contract and she'll be seeing a lot more of him. She puts on a smile. Asha is mortified when Mary calls her and Nina "lovely lesbians". Toyah realises that Jeremy's statements are based on items in the room that he's observed. Leanne accuses him of conning her and throws him out. Alya and Yasmeen attend a meeting with the bank manager who explains that because she signed the loan agreements, they are her responsibility. Yasmeen suffers a panic attack and, convinced the manager is Geoff sat before her, flees the room.

Part Two: Having returned home, Alya urges her gran again to consider selling the community centre as it would solve all her problems. Steve winds up Tim that Ted's ghost wants revenge. Eileen finds them and rips into Tim for his behaviour and finds out that Steve was behind it. Toyah sees Simon smoking a spliff with Jacob and another girl in Victoria Gardens. Simon is rude to Kelly when she tries to stop him. The funeral over, George apologises to Gail who tells him Eileen is to blame and advises him to steer well clear of her. Lucas forces Carla to tell him why Peter has a grudge against him, but she refuses to confide any further in him when he offers a shoulder to cry on. Toyah suggests to Leanne that she needs to start focusing more on Simon as she saw him earlier hanging out with some dodgy kids, but Leanne's dismissive, leaving Toyah concerned. Having a drink together, Tim and Steve apologise to Eileen, saying they enjoyed having their own bantering relationship back after their own recent troubles. Overhearing her comments, George is livid with Eileen for not taking the matter seriously and tells her that he wants nothing more to do with her. Yasmeen begins to get overstressed at her situation.


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