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Part One: Leanne is better than she's been for ages, buoyed by the messages from "Oliver". Simon is relieved when she declares that it's time for her to start living her life again. Aggie doesn't seem keen on Ronnie Bailey visiting. Kevin is discharged from hospital, while Debbie is kept in. Abi threatens to rip up the signed contract to prove that Debbie is still motivated by money and not justice for Ray's victims, though she doesn't carry out the threat as it would help Ray. Peter arrives home from detox, with Steve keeping a close eye on him on Tracy's orders. Jacob warns Simon that his debt will accrue interest and he'll need more than his chippy wages to pay it off. Paul starts work at the yard. James's agent tells him that another club might be interested in him. Ed warns his son that Ronnie will assume he's a player off the pitch as well. Leanne drops one of her feathers in the street and runs after it, nearly getting hit by Mary in the flower shop van in the process.

Part Two: Brian hands Leanne a rubbish bag which Simon put in The Kabin's recycling bin. She's furious to find a ripped pillow inside, indicating that Simon planted the feathers. One of George's drivers is done for drink-driving, leaving him with no one to drive the hearse at Ted's funeral. Ronnie arrives at No.3 in a flash sports car. Nick tells Simon that Leanne nearly died and he needs to talk sense into her. Kevin buys Abi an engagement ring. Eileen volunteers Street Cars (ie. Tim or Steve) to drive the hearse. Gail is not pleased by the development. Leanne confronts Simon with the bag.

Part Three: Simon insists he's helped Leanne. She accuses him of laughing at her behind her back. James wastes no time telling Ronnie he's gay. Ronnie is pleased for him. Kevin is worn out after his ordeal and by everyone making ice puns. Aggie avoids being alone with Ronnie. Leanne gets her hopes up again when she establishes that Simon didn't plant the original feather. Simon bluntly tells her that Oliver is dead and gone. Leanne slaps him.

Part Four: Simon is let down by Peter as he cancels a dinner date with his son at Speed Daal. Debbie discharges herself from hospital and offers Adam a business partnership. Adam declines on account of what she's put his wife's family through with the sinkhole. Peter takes Steve's suggestion that he takes on a new challenge to take his mind off booze. Carla is amused to catch him completing one of Amy's jigsaws. Grace notices Aggie's behaviour around Ronnie and asks what she's got against him. Aggie says she's worried he'll lead Ed astray. Ed tells his family that Ronnie is thinking of moving to Weatherfield. Simon tells Jacob he's changed his mind and is up for any job.


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