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Faye calls the police, with Craig first on the scene. Abi forces the fridge door open with a crowbar. Seeing Kevin and Debbie slumped on the floor, she cries with anguish, thinking they're too late to save them. Kevin asks her to turn the heating up, confirming he's still alive. Summer reminds a cash-strapped Paul that he promised her a day out in Manchester. Paul agrees to work for Ed when the builder offers him an advance on his wages. Leanne's spirits are boosted when she finds another feather. Kevin and Debbie are rushed to hospital. As they're taken into an ambulance, Kevin confirms to Craig that Ray locked them in the fridge and left them to die. At the same time, Miles Ingham picks up Ray from the police station and hands him his passport and ticket for his flight to Turkey. Tyrone decides against visiting Kevin when Evelyn accuses him of using any excuse to get out of yoga. Spurred on when Leanne tells him she's proud of him, Simon rings Jacob and tells him he's not supplying any more drugs. Todd surprises Summer by booking her and Billy a B&B at Bletchley Park. He also tells them that his relationship with Ajay Dewan fizzled out. Paul feels deflated, knowing he can't compete. As he's recovering, Kevin tells Abi that he's realised family is what matters and has forgiven Debbie. The police catch up with Ray at Manchester Airport and he's rearrested for false imprisonment and attempted murder. Grace regrets her row with Michael and admits to Aggie that she doesn't feel deserving of everything he does for her. Ed announces that his brother Ronnie is visiting tomorrow. Tyrone returns from his first yoga lesson, hiding his agony from an amused Fiz and Evelyn. Nick borrows one of Simon's games for Sam and hears from Leanne about the messages from Oliver. Craig is thrilled when Faye suggests that they get back together. Nick rejects the idea that the feathers are from Oliver and urges Simon to make his mum see sense. Simon defends Leanne, pointing out that what he calls "false hope" is helping her get through the day. Abi proposes to Kevin at his bedside. He agrees to marry her.


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