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David despairs as Gail shows more interest in her dead relatives than the living. Jacob asks Simon to make a specialised delivery for extra money. Simon isn't overly keen but accepts. Gail and Audrey are speaking to each other again. The former decides to phone Ted to pick his brains about his ancestry. Staying at No.5 temporarily, Paul is advised by Bernie that losing Billy doesn't mean he has to lose Summer as well. Imran asks Leanne if she'd like to return to work as Daniel is busy studying for his PGCE and he needs help in the office. The thought frightens Leanne and she says she's never going back. Jenny feels guilty for enjoying herself while Johnny languishes in prison and tells Daisy that last night was a one-off. Johnny sees a neurologist after completing a course of steroid treatment which hasn't improved his eyesight. The neurologist reports that his MRI scan found a lesion on his brain so he'll need stronger medication for his MS. Simon delivers a parcel to a customer, Monique, who drives off without paying for the goods. To make matters worse, she drives over Simon's bike, which is actually Jacob's brother's. Reporting back to Jacob, Simon is told that the next person in the chain will want the £1,000 from him. Jacob also demands payment for the bike. Daniel sees them argue from afar. Gail is about to phone Ted when she receives a call from his partner Andrew to say that Ted has passed away. Feeling guilty that she hadn't visited lately, Gail decides to go to London to help with the funeral arrangements. Daniel asks Simon if everything's okay. Simon only tells him about the bike. Debbie organises a bistro relaunch party, making it ladies only so that the women of Weatherfield know Ray is history. Paul buys an electronic keyboard for Summer. She's thrilled with it. Billy feels uneasy when Paul asks if he can take Summer out every now and again. Jenny has an upsetting visit with Johnny, with her husband telling her they have to face up to the fact that his MS isn't going to get better. Simon is shocked to hear that Leanne has quit her job and they'll be living on his wages alone. Rita clashes with Daisy over how best to help Jenny. Tracy joins Mary at the relaunch so that she can lean on Debbie to sell No.8 to her. Simon goes to ask Nick for help but leaves disappointed when Nick tells him Natasha's going to be in London for longer than she expected and he doesn't know when he'll move back into Victoria Court. Jacob meets with Monique, revealing that she was acting on his instructions. Simon begs Jacob for more time to get the money together. Jacob suggests he works for free until the debt is paid. Simon has no choice but to agree. Jenny refuses to abandon Johnny, despite Daisy's recommendation. Simon tells Daniel that Leanne gave him money from her savings to cover the bike. Billy assures Paul that he doesn't mind him being a part of Summer's life. Worried that Tracy is gazumping him at the bistro party, David asks Debbie to wait a bit longer for him to come up with the money for No.8. Debbie is fed up of waiting and announces that the house will be auctioned tomorrow. Jacob calls Simon up with another job.


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