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Ken's horrified to discover Peter suffering a seizure on the kitchen floor and calls an ambulance. Carla is up early, not able to sleep due to worrying about the damage she may have caused to Peter and Simon. David is reticent when Debbie tells him that she'll fast-track his paperwork to buy back No.8. Maria can't buy back the salon as Claudia has splashed out her share on an expensive cruise. In the hospital, Peter is told to reduce his alcohol intake gradually to avoid sudden death. Todd lies to Paul that Billy would love to have Ajay's piano in the flat as a birthday present. Dev worries as Asha is still not over Corey. Carla attends a meeting with a new client, only to discover it's Lucas Kempton, an old friend she met and fancied when she was living in Devon. Desperate to get out of living on the Paul Robeson Estate, Shona is determined to confront Debbie to speed things up about the house. David has to admit to her that he spent the money paying off the mortgage and now they'll need another one. Lucas invites a tempted Carla to lunch at the bistro. Debbie distributes more paperwork, this time for Street Cars and the flat for Tracy but she admits to Sally that she can't move back there as Steve used the money for Oliver's treatment. Kevin is suspicious about his sister's supposed good intentions. Ken leaves his whisky with Roy, to keep it out of Peter's way but also to use when he needs to give his son his rations. Tracy overhears Shona asking for a job at the Rovers as they need the money to buy back No.8. Dev confides in Nina that Asha's still brooding over Corey and her schoolwork is suffering because of it. Nina suggests that she might find it easier to study in the cafe. To Billy's frustration, the piano is delivered to the flat. Summer is delighted to see it. Tracy reveals to Debbie that David can't afford to buy back No.8 so she'd like it instead. Carla is alarmed to hear about Peter's seizure and rushes round to No.1 where he makes it clear he doesn't want her anywhere near him. Todd is displeased to see that Billy is now happy with the piano. As Asha helps Nina out in the cafe, the spark between them is evident. Carla gets dressed up for her lunch with Lucas. Debbie hands David the paperwork, telling him she's had another offer and needs a quick turnaround. He masks his panic. Carla and Lucas catch up over the dinner table. She's shocked to find his girlfriend has died and he's available. Roy urges Peter to make things up with Carla as it's clear they still love each other but if he doesn't act now, it could be too late. Carla admits to Lucas that she was attracted to him. He looks forward to doing more business with her. Peter is uptight as Ken gives him his whisky ration and his manner stresses his father out. Peter is racked with guilt. Outraged to hear that Debbie is reneging on their deal, Abi rows with her for not selling No.8 to David. Lucas reveals he's booked a hotel for the weekend and he'd like Carla to join him. Nina asks Roy to take Asha on at the cafe for shifts after school. She tells the young girl she thinks she's gorgeous. Billy enjoys rediscovering his piano skills. Dev grudgingly gives his approval to Asha's cafe job. Roy thinks Carla is reckless for going away with Lucas. Peter goes after her and begs her not to go but she's torn. On Todd's instructions, Will calls Paul and begs for help. Paul refuses to be drawn in and kills the call. Billy's proud of him, as Todd tells Will he has another task for him. Carla meets Lucas at the tram station with her suitcase but tells him that she needs to stay behind as someone needs her. He tells her that she should start living her own life and she reluctantly goes with him. David is outraged when he sees Tracy snooping over No.8's fence. Debbie assures him that he has first refusal, provided he finds the money. Daniel and Peter chat in the back yard. He regrets his pride at not forgiving Carla and says it's too late now. She appears at the gate and tells him it's not. He breaks down, crying with relief.


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