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Part One: Dev has decorated the house for the twins' sixteenth birthday with banners, balloons and old family photographs. Aadi and Asha are more impatient to see their promised big surprise. Ken is pleased when Peter tells him that he's going to one of his addicts' meetings. The twins are underwhelmed with their big present - their initials added to the corner shop sign. Aadi and Simon commiserate with each other about their useless fathers. Peter rails at Adam for telling Ken about the legal document, declaring it's his life and he'll die on his own terms. Most of No.4's belongings are now packed into boxes. DS Willets calls and asks Tim about the rucksack found in Gary's possession, revealing it contained the weapon used in the attack on Adam. Nina and Roy wish Asha a Happy Birthday when she calls into the cafe and Nina presents her with a cake. Asha is wearing her choker. Awash with guilt, and fearing he drove Peter to this, Adam reveals to Carla that Peter plans to refuse a transplant.

Part Two: Tim summons Sally home from work and tells her about the visit from Willets. He worries that Faye hasn't been herself recently and he's concerned she might have something to do with the weapon. Sally counsels him to talk to her before the police do. Corey meets Asha in the cafe. He mocks her choker, suggesting it would be better suited on a dog. Embarrassed, she takes it off as Yasmeen watches on with concern at his controlling manner. Jenny visits Johnny, annoyed that he's still not being honest with her about his condition. He's concerned that Daisy is stirring things up between them. With Corey gone, Yasmeen approaches and tentatively suggests to Asha that she shouldn't let herself be spoken to like that. Asha hides her upset but Nina makes it clear she shares Yasmeen's concerns. Carla calls on Peter at the Rovers. He isn't pleased when she starts talking about the transplant. Simon's pleased to see Leanne up and dressed and hopes she's turning a corner when she talks about taking a walk on the Red Rec. Carla can smell alcohol on Peter, and he produces a near-empty vodka bottle, taking a large swig from it.


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