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Having spent the night on Gary's sofa, Faye hasn't slept, consumed with worry. Gary has gone to the furniture shop where his troubles are not soothed by the sight of a loved-up Sarah leaving Adam's flat. Ray is also concerned, awaiting a meeting with the council's planning officer. Debbie thinks they ought to get a local businessman on side and has someone in mind. Faye tells Gary and Maria the full story, including how she had a nip of Tim's whisky to calm her nerves and how she saw a darkened figure at the bar, hitting him over the head with the nearest thing she could find. She confesses that she had previously willingly slept with Ray and therefore felt she couldn't report him for rape. Tracy and Amy are amused by the sight of Steve preparing to train to run a marathon for Oliver's fund. Dev is suspiciously evasive when Roy asks him for a copy of his letter of objection to the construction plans. Asha sees through him. Maria has to calm a livid Gary down as Faye claims that everything has happened is her fault. Asha rips into Dev for being a Judas towards his friends when he is still taking their money from them. Ray invites him for lunch at the bistro, knowing the planning officer will be there. Carla tears a strip off Peter for doing a disappearing act, but she's brought up short when he reveals that he's been in hospital with liver failure. Maria blames Gary for not going to the police in the first place when Ray attacked his sister. Seeing she is causing so much trouble, Faye resolves to hand herself into the police. Gary and Maria persuade her otherwise. Knowing that the only evidence against her could be the weapon she used, Gary ascertains that it was a hospitality trophy and it's still under her bed in No.4. Debbie and Ray engineer a meeting between the planning officer and an enthusiastic Dev which is overheard by Tyrone. Gary collects Faye's clothing from Tim for her to stay with him a while, within which he conceals the trophy. Craig spots Gary pushing it down into his holdall. Jenny is also evasive towards Roy about her letter of objection. Tyrone reports to Kevin and Abi what he's heard Dev saying. Craig intercepts Gary and demands to see what's in his holdall. He makes an arrest when he sees the trophy. Tim agrees to join Steve in an ironman challenge in three months and gives him the idea of doing it in fancy dress. Maria refuses to let Faye go to the police and confess, telling her to trust Gary. Telling Peter how much she loves him, Carla's desperate to look after him but Peter's adamant it's too late. He informs her that he's going to be tested in three months to see if it has deteriorated any more before he is assessed for a liver transplant. Ray oversteps the mark and offers inducements to Tom, the planning officer, which he sternly refuses as a bribe. Abi, Tyrone and Asha lead a boycott outside the corner shop. Gary answers "no comment" to all of the questions from DS Willets. Tim is aghast when Steve produces dinosaur onesies for them to run in. Sarah is delighted at Gary's arrest, but Adam warns her not to count her chickens yet. Steve and Tim are exhausted after their first run. They resolve to support each other in their mutual troubles. Abi realises that Jenny is also on the side of the development. Roy breaks the news that the initial report from the planning office is against recommending the development. Ray is livid, planning to find a way to get the planning committee to overturn the report. With the weapon positively identified by forensics, Gary is formally charged with assault.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and was transmitted at 8.00pm. Both parts were written by Steven Fay.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Craig's intervention leads to Gary's arrest; Dev angers his neighbours by fraternising with Ray; and Steve shares a fundraising idea in Oliver's memory.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,497,012 viewers (9th place).
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