After refusing to see Annie at the police station during the night, Lucille is released in the morning with a caution but no one knows where she has gone to. Mark tells Elsie that now he is eighteen he is able to see his dad without his mum's permission. He wants to do so as he is special to him. Elsie tells him he is welcome to stay as long as he wants. Handel returns from visiting his cousin in Whaley Bridge. Irma is tired of doing all the work at the Corner Shop with Maggie away with Gordon in Birmingham. Billy advises her to buy Maggie out. Albert tells Annie that Lucille hasn't been seen at work at the betting shop. Handel gives Minnie a brooch from the Blue John Mines, upsetting her when she thinks of Irma and David Barlow's engagement. Lucille returns and tells Annie that know she knows she led the petition which caused the police to evict the gypsies. She tells Billy she wanted to go away with the gypsies to Bury but they wouldn't take her. Billy tells Irma that moneylender Bill Sweeney might give her a loan to buy Maggie out. Handel asks Minnie if he can be her lodger. Mark tells an uncomfortable Elsie that Alan really loved his mother.


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