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In the morning, Swindley and Emily nervously venture back into the Vestry after Emily has spent half the night there, awaiting Ena's return. With her bed unslept in, they start to worry what's happened to her. Ena settles herself into Minnie's and takes over, although Minnie's mother Amy Carlton remains in her bed, well out of Ena's way. A worried Minnie worries how long Ena will be staying as she hogs the newspaper. Swindley looks for Ena and tells Martha what has happened. The two knock at 15 Jubilee Terrace but Minnie denies seeing her to Swindley. After he has gone, she urgently ushers Martha into the house to see Ena. Len tells Harry that Bill's naval course will last some three weeks. Swindley looks for Ena in the Rovers but is unsuccessful. Amy's banging on the ceiling starts to annoy Ena. The brewery writes to the Walkers asking what alterations they want carrying out. Jack stands up to Annie telling her he'll decide which ones are needed. She's shocked and upset by his attitude. Ena forces Dennis to help her move out of the Vestry. Swindley catches up with Ena as she and Dennis pack her things. He beseeches her to listen to him but Dennis's breakages interrupt their conversation. Ena's things are moved to Minnie's and she gives him 1/- for his troubles. Swindley worries as the shop heads towards bankruptcy and he can't pay Emily her Christmas bonus. Ena's furniture fills Minnie's downstairs and she can't get at her cupboards. Ena insists that Minnie's own furniture is moved upstairs to make way for hers. Annie goes out, refusing to tell a worried Jack where she's going. Eric Starkey, a work colleague of Ivan's, is interested in purchasing No.9. Elsie makes her peace with her family. Hearing that Ena paid Dennis for his troubles, Elsie insists he takes them all out for a drink in the Rovers. Annie returns and breaks down in the bar, shocking the regulars.


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Leonard Swindley: "Are you suggesting that Mrs Sharples actually spies on the inhabitants of Coronation Street?"
Emily Nugent: "Well, not spies, Mr Swindley, more..."supervises", you might say."

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