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DS Willets asks Peter to come to the station with him. Maria refuses to lie to the police. Adam's family is told that he is in an induced coma with a fractured skull and bruising on the brain. Sarah and Daniel argue when he makes it clear that he suspects her of the attack. Jenny refuses to discuss Johnny's plea hearing with him. Carla spots Peter's bloodied top in Jenny's washing basket and stuffs it in her bag. Faye listens as Tim and Sally discuss the latest news about Adam. Sally thinks Tim's rushing to replace his dad by asking Elaine to move in. Tim's adamant it's a good idea, and she can come with them if they move to Hale Barns. Sally hides her unease. Billy assures Todd it's fine for him to visit Summer at the flat and it won't be awkward between them. The residents meet to discuss the development, prior to tomorrow's public meeting. Gary joins them, revealing that Ray caused No.8's sinkhole and he thinks they can prove it. Ray is on edge as Debbie asks him if he's been up to his old tricks with women. She suggests he takes a step back and let her sort out matters. Carla soaks Peter's top in the factory's cleaning fluid and then dumps it in the skip. Under questioning, a shaking and sweating Peter tells DS Willets he walked the streets all night after drinking heavily. He's unable to provide any details about the man he helped and leaves. Ray finds Faye in Victoria Gardens where she accuses him of trying to rape her. Maria arrives and sends him away with a flea in his ear then begs Faye to report him to the police before Gary gets to him. Terrified of her fling with Ray coming out, Faye refuses. Arriving home, Peter is appalled to find that Carla has disposed of his top, making him seem more guilty than ever. Elaine calls at No.4 but is wary as a slightly manic Tim seems determined to make up for their lost years all at once.  Peter tells Carla there's nothing between them any more and is happy with her suggestion that she moves out. Sarah shouts at Harry when he blurts out that he heard her going out in the night. DS Willets calls on Gary and asks about his movements the night before. Unprompted, Maria lies and provides him with his alibi.


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