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Geoff lies dead in No.6's garden. Ryan comes to a shellshocked Alya and Yasmeen's aid. Alya tells him not to call the police as she's afraid that the sound of the sirens will panic Yasmeen and cause her to slip. The Barlows reel from Adam's bombshell. Sarah calls her husband pathetic and storms out of the Rovers. Adam blames Carla for the mess while Peter leaves the pair to their "lover's tiff". Ken accuses his grandson of leading a sordid, careless life. Gary enters the bistro to hand Ray the signed factory contract and hears Faye's muffled cries coming from the office. When Faye emerges with her blouse torn and makes a run for it, Gary assumes Ray was trying to rape her and tears up the contract. Carla discovers that Peter is missing along with a bottle of whisky from the Rovers' back room and fears the worst. Debbie tells Kevin that the development would have happened with or without her money; at least with her involved they have someone on the inside. She claims that she played no part in Ray buying the garage. Kevin tells her to pack her bags. Nick is caught in traffic while picking up pizzas for the lads' night in. Ryan and Elaine alert the Metcalfes to the situation next door. Tim sees Geoff's body on the ground before Ryan breaks the news that his dad is dead. Peter returns, furious but sober. He tells Carla he put the bottle out of sight so he wouldn't be tempted. Peter doesn't know what to do with Carla's apology and before long they're throwing mud at each other. He punishes her by swigging whisky from the bottle and saying it's her fault if he kills himself. Leanne feels awkward around Sam. She can't help but be charmed when the boy recites a list of reasons she might grow to like him if she sticks around. Peter disappears with the bottle. Alya climbs to safety as Sally attempts to coax Yasmeen back through the window. Yasmeen remains rooted to the spot, thinking no one will believe Geoff's death was an accident and she's going back to prison. Gary and Maria look after Faye. She's clearly distressed over what happened with Ray but doesn't want the police brought in. Adam goes after Sarah and begs for another chance but she doesn't want to know. Yasmeen climbs back inside the house when Tim tells her he believes that Geoff slipped and would say so in court. Remembering how his dad would teach him magic tricks, Tim is saddened that his life amounted to nothing but tricks and lies. Adam drowns his sorrows in the darkened bistro. When Ray tries to shut the restaurant, Adam argues that he's legally obliged to let him finish his drink first. Ray isn't in the mood to argue and leaves him the keys to lock up. Simon sees Peter drunk in Victoria Gardens. Peter tells him to direct his anger at Adam and Carla and tells his son why. Debbie is sad but defiant as she leaves No.13. Simon tells Leanne he wants to go to France with her but Leanne has decided to stay in Weatherfield after all. The police are finally called over Geoff and he is taken away in a body bag. DS Abney questions Yasmeen at No.4. Yasmeen says she was too slow and too late to save Geoff. Abney tells her there'll be further questioning but that she believes her. Adam invites Sarah to have a drink with him at the bistro while he has the bar to himself, asking her to forgive him on the basis that they weren't together when he was unfaithful. She refuses. Gary gloats to Adam about his split from Sarah. Adam winds him up by saying he can always tell the police to look for a body in the woods to make himself feel better. Debbie is furious to hear about the setback over the factory and demands Ray do whatever it takes to push it through. Adam has a party by himself in the bistro and ends up slumped on the bar. He fails to notice someone else enter the premises. Tim struggles with his emotions, knowing that he shouldn't be grieving for Geoff but unable to help himself. Elaine tells him that she'll be there for him whenever he's ready. Carla and Sarah slip out from the Rovers and No.8, while Peter settles down for the night on the bench in Victoria Gardens. In the bistro, Adam lies on the floor in a pool of blood.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and transmitted at 7.30pm. Both parts were written by Debbie Oates.
  • Final appearance of Ian Bartholomew as Geoff Metcalfe. Bartholomew plays Geoff's corpse following his character's death in the previous episode.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • This episode used a purpose-built stunt roof for the scenes of Yasmeen Metcalfe and Alya Nazir on 6 Coronation Street's roof. Shots involving the principal actors were intercut with others recorded on the outdoor set using stunt doubles in order to create the finished product [1].
  • Andy Merchant was the stunt co-ordinator while Nadia Hansell, Varpu Kronholm and Martin Pemberton were the stunt doubles.
  • TV Times synopsis: Carla's worst nightmare comes true as Peter places his life at risk; Ryan, Sally and Tim take in the scene at Number 6; and Gary finds a distressed Faye locked in Ray's office.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,934,803 viewers (4th place).
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