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Evelyn rallies the troops as the protest enters its second day. The residents camp outside the brewery in shifts. Waking up in Alya's flat, Yasmeen gets the fright of her life when she looks out of the window and sees Geoff staring up at her. Alya photographs Geoff and goes to tell the police. Two diggers try to move in on the brewery but are blocked by Ken, Evelyn, Abi, David and Dev. Peter has second thoughts about marrying without his family there. He and Carla agree to marry in Weatherfield and honeymoon in Kefalonia. Peter plans to have Simon and Daniel as best men. Kevin is satisfied that Abi isn't taking drugs. Trying to build bridges with Abi, he alerts a council contact, Mark Rothwell, to the brewery's application for listed status to see about having the demolition halted. Debbie overhears them and warns Ray. Leanne tells Toyah that she's leaving for France tonight as there are too many reminders of Oliver in Weatherfield. Carla calls at the shop flat to beg Daniel to keep her secret. Geoff gains entry to Alya's flat when Yasmeen opens the door to let a courier in. Insisting that he's there in peace, he makes Yasmeen an offer: sign over her share of No.6 to him and he's out of her life. Yasmeen refuses to sign until she's been through the house to remove everything that's hers. Tim is proud of Elaine for saving Yasmeen but disappointed that she wasn't that brave for him years before. Leanne is certain that she's doing the right thing after seeing Nick with his "new family". Yasmeen collects her things from No.6 while Geoff is out. The protesters are outraged when Ray's men start to dismantle their camp. Ken brings the demolition to a halt by standing in the bulldozer's path. Abi uses the distraction to commandeer one of the diggers. Yasmeen has a happy reunion with her chickens. Returning to the house, she absentmindedly leaves Emily's pen open. Abi loses control of the digger's arm, which smashes down on a nearby substation, knocking out all the power in the surrounding streets. Ray is served with a stop notice as he doesn't have planning permission to demolish the brewery. Mark Rothwell warns Kevin that it'll only be a temporary reprieve as Ray's lawyers are on the case. Kevin wonders how Ray is always one step ahead of them. Abi suspects Debbie of being Ray's mole as she knew that Kevin was drumming up council support. As Rita and Audrey drink up, Jenny is forced to shut the Rovers as they're without power. Jenny mentions to Peter that she saw Carla going into the shop flat. Debbie admits that she's Ray's business partner. She tries to win Kevin over, pointing out that the development will put the house prices up, but Kevin is disgusted that she used him and Jack to get her foot in the door and announces to the protesters that she's working with Ray. Alya comes across Geoff at Speed Daal, raiding the petty cash box. She relishes telling him that she's been to see Christine and showed her the press reports from the trial; Christine now wants nothing to do with him. Furious, Geoff hits her with the cash box, knocking her out cold. Yasmeen hears a noise from downstairs and goes down to investigate. She drops her guard when she sees Emily wander in, only to realise that Geoff is in the room with her. Sam decides to stay the night with Nick so that he isn't left alone in the dark. Simon joins them, despite himself. Sam surreptitiously sends Leanne a text from Nick's phone calling her a chicken. Yasmeen frets as she discovers she's locked in the house. His new life with Christine in tatters, Geoff decides that he has nothing left to lose and begins pouring lighter fluid on the floor. Leanne sees the text and storms over to ask Nick what he's playing at. Sam admits that it was his doing. Yasmeen offers to retract her complaint against Geoff if he backs down. To her horror, he sets the room alight. Yasmeen dashes upstairs to safety. As the fire takes hold, she calls for help through the skylight but her cries go unheard, the protesters playing music loudly to celebrate their temporary victory. Seeing no other option, Yasmeen climbs through the window onto the roof. Geoff follows her. Ray asks Faye to have a drink with him in his office. She is wary of him. The Barlows celebrate Peter and Carla's engagement in a candlelit Rovers. Peter's paranoia takes over when he sees Carla and Daniel whispering to each other. He accuses the pair of sleeping together. To save his uncle's neck, Adam admits that he's the other man. Sarah hears her husband's confession. As Yasmeen sidles away from Geoff, Alya climbs onto the roof but is unable to reach her gran with Geoff positioned between them. Yasmeen tells Geoff that she isn't scared of him any more and calls him a pathetic excuse for a man. As he lunges at her, Geoff loses his grip and nearly falls. Yasmeen lowers her scarf to help him regain his balance but she's too late and Geoff falls off the roof to his death.


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  • This hour-long episode, made up of two production codes was broadcast on Coronation Street's sixtieth anniversary, and transmitted at 7.30pm.
  • This episode features the death of Geoff Metcalfe, however his body is seen in the following episode and he later reappears as a hallucination in Episode 10204 (25th December 2020), Episode 10206 (28th December 2020) and Episode 10258 (24th February 2021).
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, episodes during this period were made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the two metre rule was relaxed in order to film Geoff Metcalfe's rooftop showdown with Yasmeen Metcalfe and Alya Nazir. This required actors Ian Bartholomew, Shelley King and Sair Khan to self-isolate beforehand and be regularly tested for the virus [1].
  • For the climax of the episode, a purpose-built stunt roof was constructed with the principal actors shooting their scenes at ground level against a green screen. These shots were intercut with others recorded on the outdoor set using stunt doubles in order to create the finished product [2].
  • Glenn Marks and Andy Merchant were the stunt co-ordinators on the episode with Donna C. Williams, Pete Ford, Nadia Hansell, Varpu Kronholm and Martin Pemberton as the stunt doubles. Kate Waters was the fight arranger for the scene in which Geoff hits Alya with the petty cash box.
  • In the scene where Yasmeen first enters No.6, the lead-up to the stabbing from Episode 10056 is overlaid on top of the picture, as Yasmeen thinks back to the incident.
  • Nick Tilsley tells Sam Blakeman about the tram crash and Ashley Peacock's death, referencing the events of Episode 7486 (8th December 2010), stating that it took place about ten years ago (a reference to the fact the tram crash was the centrepiece of the show's 50th anniversary episodes).
  • Roy Cropper compares Ken Barlow to Tank Man, referencing the famous photograph of a lone protester who blocked the advance of a column of tanks in the Tiananmen Square Protests on 5th June 1989.
  • Instead of appearing in blocks, the closing credits scroll upwards with a longer cut of the show's theme tune being played.
  • TV Times synopsis: On the 60th anniversary of Coronation Street's debut on ITV, the trial verdict leads to a showdown between Geoff and Alya.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,810,923 viewers (5th place).
  • At 9.00pm, ITV1 broadcast Queens of the Street, a look back at the many leading women of the programme over six decades.
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