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Alya is cross-examined by the prosecution barrister who alleges that she was jealous of no longer being the centre of attention when Geoff came on the scene. Imran receives a message which pleases him. Sam tries to justify his presence at the service to Nick but accepts he's not wanted there. Touched, Nick wants him to stay. A tree is planted in Oliver's memory. The barrister makes Sally admit that she didn't actually see what Geoff was burning in the bin and it was only Yasmeen's word that it was her clothing. Imran causes a minor sensation when he calls Elaine. Leanne makes an emotional speech about Oliver, his death and her own anger. Geoff glares with anger as Elaine enters the court. The judge asks her whether she is well enough to attend, but she is absolutely determined to give her evidence. Sarah consoles herself with a drink after the service, remembering her own loss over Billy. She makes a drunken comment which Peter overhears about Carla's one-night stand being with her in the factory afterwards. The cortege arrives outside the gardens. Leanne remains curt with Nick about Sam. As Tim listens with horror, Elaine recounts her married life to Geoff, including his threats to kill their baby son if she ever returned to him once she'd walked out. She also tells of Geoff's recent threats, including his visit to the hospital last night. As the cortege drives off, Sam reads the poem he wrote for Oliver to Nick. The prosecution barrister tries to cast doubts about Elaine's mental health. Imran asks for an adjournment to obtain any CCTV footage from the hospital but the judge refuses to delay proceedings. Peter asks Carla if she's lying about who she slept with, but she refuses to answer his questions. Leanne tells Nick she doesn't blame him about Sam and although she loves him, it's over between them and she's moving out. Debbie plants something in Kevin's car. Elaine loses her temper with the barrister's fanciful allegations and makes an impassioned speech, accusing her of being like Geoff and putting words in her mouth. Leanne gets tearful at the sight of a red car that reminds her of Oliver. Yasmeen calls Alya from prison and asserts that it's now up to the jury to decide her fate.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • This episode marks the 1,000th appearance of Georgia Taylor in the role of Toyah Battersby.
  • TV Times synopsis: Alya and Sally give evidence at Yasmeen's trial; Leanne says a final goodbye to her son; and Sarah's careless talk places Peter on high alert.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,106,081 viewers (8th place).
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