Irma lets Hilda clean the shop as a penance. Annie is annoyed when Billy and Lucille help the gypsies. Ellen Smith allows Lucille to visit their site. Val is annoyed that Ken is having a trip abroad without the family. Ray catches Reuben Ward looking for scrap in the yard and throws him out. Lucille asks Val for old children's books to give to the gypsies. Val considers learning to drive whilst Ken is away. Stan hits it off with Reuben as they both wear the same shirt. Annie orders Lucille to have a bath after coming back from the encampment. Hilda cooks Stan and Reuben a meal not realising that Reuben is a gypsy. Minnie hides in Ena's flat with Bobby after Ray tells her that the gypsies will eat him. Ray discovers the scrap he has put aside for Tommy Deakin has been taken. Ken leaves for America. When Annie hears about the theft of the scrap, she forbids Lucille to go to the camp again. Lucille refuses to obey her order.


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Notable dialogue

Irma Barlow: "Oh go away, I don't know ya."
Hilda Ogden: "Aw, I'm yer mother, ya know I am!"
Irma Barlow: "Aye, well I'm havin' me birth certificate altered."


Hilda Ogden: "You see, I've bin thinkin' --"
Irma Barlow: "Oh well that must've been a new experience for ya. Did it 'urt?"

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