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Peter calls a mate who worked security at the Chariot Square Hotel, hoping to identify the other man on CCTV, but his friend doesn't work there any more. Steve starts putting the memory box together. Summer arranges a games night with Billy and Paul. Tim visits Yasmeen in prison and apologises for not believing her. Leanne announces that she intends to sue the hospital for negligence in order to strengthen her appeal. Tim tells Alya he'd like to stand as a witness for the defence. Carla asks Johnny why he's not been himself lately. He says it's nothing she needs to worry about. Peter's fall off the wagon reminds Johnny of the security guard whose life he ruined. Jenny suggests he forgets about as it's in the past. Leanne becomes even colder towards Steve after seeing him with a lock of Oliver's hair for the memory box. Tim enjoys telling Geoff that he has to stay away from him as he's a witness for Yasmeen. Carla's surprised by how unconcerned Peter is by the events of the last week. He tells her they've been through worse together. Leanne's legal team react to the news that Steve is officially opposing the appeal. Imran tells Toyah that Leanne's chances have gone from slim to nothing and her new instructions won't help. Todd joins the games night and convinces Summer to have it at Speed Daal. Shona dresses inappropriately for the school run and is sent back inside to change by Sarah. Adam watches with amusement. Sharing a moment with Sarah, he accepts her invitation to hang out as friends and take it from there. Shona locks herself inside No.8 with the car keys. Carla finds Jenny crying by herself. Imran and Elliot object to Leanne's plan to sue the hospital on moral grounds and tell her they won't represent her if she uses that line in court.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Elliot Newell - Toby Gaffney



  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne tells Imran that with Steve now intent on stopping her appeal, she wants to sue the hospital.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,695,690 viewers (12th place).
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