Hilda tells the dubious residents about the sale. Ken and Val argue about her tipping Bet off. Frank is annoyed that Bet is trying to make him go straight. Bet wants him to drop Judd but he refuses. Bet gets a flat for her and Frank. He tells her he doesn't want her changing his character and doesn't want to move in with her. He tells her she's hemming him in and finishes with her. Frenzied shoppers descend on Hilda's sale. She sells things at less than cost. Val tries to comfort a heartbroken Bet. Frank and Judd leave for London. Ken waits to hear news about a trip to America. Hilda is pleased with her efforts but Stan thinks they're about £20 down. Hilda thinks Irma will be pleased though at the sight of the near-empty shelves.


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Betty Turpin (about Annie Walker): "She used to be a gym mistress, you know…in Belsen."

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