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Tim and Sally are sad as the date of their cancelled wedding approaches. Nick calls up old friends, desperate to offload his share of the factory. Sam writes to Nick suggesting he comes and sees his telescope. Paul tells Billy he can't take Summer to the dentist as he's helping Rita move her furniture. Shona and Sarah plan an impromptu girls' night to cheer themselves up. Toyah spends the morning of her fostering hearing at the hospital supporting Leanne. The Baileys are stunned when Grace turns up to speak to Michael. Michael agrees to hear her out and stops Ed from calling the police, ordering his disapproving father to stay out of it. Tim discovers the wedding booking was never cancelled as he never called back to confirm. He's keen to marry Sally in two days' time but Sally thinks they aren't prepared. Grace tells Michael that she was pregnant with a boy, but lost it not long after they split up. Carla joins the girls' night, as does Maria who returns from her honeymoon with Gary. Grace explains how Lisa Powell took her in after her miscarriage and she became Tianna's nanny. She points out that Michael assumed that Tianna was their baby when they saw each other at Freshco; she just went along with it to punish him for walking out on her. Leanne finds out through Dr Howarth that the German clinic can no longer treat Oliver as his condition has deteriorated too much. Grace tells Michael she was only pretending to go to Spain so that she didn't have to keep up the lie any more and suggests they run off together before the police find her. Reading his son's own words makes Nick realise he wants him in his life. A reluctant Michael agrees to go with Grace. As he packs his bags, Grace takes out a positive pregnancy test, ready to tell him that he's going to be a father for real. Natasha brings Sam to Nick's flat to meet his dad. Nick finds out he's a bright and talkative boy with a passion for astronomy. Sally agrees to get married in two days' time when Tim points out that as Geoff thinks it's off, there's no chance of him showing up and ruining it. Billy hears from Jenny that Rita is staying with Mavis in Cartmel. Nick is amused to learn that Sam's love of stargazing comes from Natasha telling him that his dad works for NASA. He and Sam get on. Leanne believes Dr Schmitz was talked out of treating Oliver by Dr Howarth as she was afraid that they would have a breakthrough and show her up. She and Steve insist that Dr Schmitz examine Oliver himself rather than relying on other doctors' opinions. Grace is looking at flights to Spain when Craig arrives and arrests her for fraud by false representation. Realising that Michael was stalling her, Grace goes without telling him about her pregnancy. Toyah feels obliged to go through with the fostering hearing when she'd rather be by her sister's side. Sarah, Shona, Carla and Maria get drunk at Speed Daal. Paul admits to Billy that he's volunteering for a helpline for teenagers; he never mentioned it in case it didn't work out. Billy is worried that he won't be able to handle it. Loved up Maria annoys Sarah by going on about how wonderful her honeymoon was. She admits that Gary's upset she isn't taking his name. Gary gatecrashes and warns Sarah about saying too much under the influence of alcohol. Sarah brushes off his concerns. Ed is relieved that Michael did the right thing. Michael admits that he'd half-packed a holdall before coming to his senses. Having been AWOL all day, Nick finally arrives at the hospital telling Leanne he was in a meeting. Leanne vows to continue the fight for Oliver. Imran and Toyah postpone their fostering plans until Oliver is on the mend. Nick receives a voicemail from Sam inviting him to Saddleworth Moor to stargaze with him and Natasha.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and transmitted at 7.30pm to enable a two-hour episode of Vera to be shown immediately afterwards. Both halves were written by Chris Fewtrell.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: A consultant tells Steve and Leanne that Oliver's condition is so severe they're unable to offer him treatment; Nick secretly bonds with his son, Sam; Billy discovers Paul has been training at a helpline for teenagers; and Grace suggests to Michael they should move to Spain.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,581,889 viewers (4th place).
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