Ken puts in his order at the Corner Shop and is surprised to find that Hilda is running out of basic foodstuffs. With Irma extending her holiday by another week, he advises her to get things in order. It's Minnie's seventieth birthday and she's pleased to have had cards from Jed Stone, Charlie Moffitt and Handel Gartside but is upset that Ena seems to have forgotten. Frank lets himself into the flat again after an all-night lorry trip, annoying Hilda. Bet demands assurances from Frank that he loves her. Albert takes Minnie to Val's for tea. Frank asks the Canal Garage to look at his lorry brakes and asks Billy for a job. He agrees to think about it. Minnie drops hints to Ena about her birthday but to no effect. Judd Johnson returns from London and meets Frank in Jackson's Chip Shop. Albert reminds Ena what today is. Bet is annoyed to see Judd back, saying he's a bad influence. Hilda starts to find it hard to cope in the shop and doesn't know where to order stock from. Frank suggests a drive out to Southport and shows Bet a car he's borrowed. Ena buys Minnie a hotpot pot and apologises for forgetting. Peter and Susan delight her when they sing Happy Birthday to her. Walter Gilfeather, a rep from Unifoods, calls into the shop with his samples and is happily surprised when Hilda orders large quantities of specialised products rather than standard lines. Frank and Bet return. He leaves the car half a mile from Coronation Street with the keys dropped on the road and sets off to walk back. She's horrified to realise she's been out in a stolen car.


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