Suspecting something is going on between Peter and Abi, Johnny warns him not to mess Carla around. Peter throws back in his face the accusation that he’s neglected Jenny by being in France for so long. While they are arguing, Abi scarpers. Paul opens his present from Gemma and is delighted to see it’s a signed photo of PJ and Duncan. Bernie plays Let's Get Ready to Rhumble and Paul and Gemma show off their moves in the street. Peter follows Abi to No.13 and tells her she needs to get some help, suggesting she joins him at his AA meeting tomorrow. They are interrupted by the arrival of Debbie Webster complete with a large suitcase who quickly clocks an atmosphere between the two. Jenny returns from the suppliers and sees Johnny behind the bar. She gives him a cold welcome. She rails at him for leaving her to run the Rovers single-handedly, convinced there’s something he’s not telling her. Debbie has business to transact in the area. She marks Abi’s card and warns her not to mess not to mess her brother about. As Daniel witters on about Bertie to Cherry on a video call, he realises she is bored. Asserting that it just isn’t working, Daniel ends the call and stares forlornly at Sinead’s photo. Going out to meet Abi, Peter lies to Carla that he’s going to collect his car keys from Kevin. Billy neglects being with Paul to speak to the Finding People charity about Todd. Peter meets with Abi, offering his support and pushing her to attend the meeting. Carla is suspicious when Kevin drops off Peter’s car keys. When Peter returns, she questions him about his whereabouts, guessing that it’s to do with Abi. He’s forced to tell her about the morphine. Carla warns him to be careful as it’s not that long ago Abi was in love with him. Peter assures her she has nothing to worry about. Billy returns home and apologises to Paul for missing his party. He assures Paul that he has no interest in Todd, but was simply doing it for Eileen’s sake. Daniel tries to contact Nicky. Paul is delighted with a present of bracelet from Billy. Carla warns Peter to be careful with Abi. They are interrupted when Abi rings him saying she can’t bring herself to attend the meeting. Carla listens on uneasily as Peter persuades her to change her mind.


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