Bet tells Irma that she's not going to go on holiday with her to Torquay. She is annoyed to find out that Frank is the reason. Annie tells Betty she cannot release her from the Rovers for a week to work at the Corner Shop to allow Irma to go on her holiday. Ray has to let Annie down when she wants her new licensee sign put up over the door as he has an emergency job on. Hilda finds out from Bet that she's not going on the holiday. Elsie fits up Alan in his new boiler suit. Hilda drops hints to Irma that she could go to Torquay with her and thinks she's got an acceptance. Lucille can't go with Irma. Ena tells Lucille off for not persevering with Arthur Noblett. Betty arrives at the shop to break the bad news to Irma. Stung by Ena's words, Lucille hammers continuously at Noblett's front and back door to be let in. He just turns the radio up. Irma has a go at Annie for not letting Betty work in the shop. Ena also refuses to help her. An annoyed Irma tells Hilda she doesn't want her to go on the holiday with her. An annoyed Noblett lets Lucille in. She turns down his radio and breaks it, upsetting him further. She manages to placate him and finds common ground with him when she talks to him about his dead wife. Frank tells Bet not to be depressed about letting Irma down. Alan is annoyed when Elsie buys a new dress as they are still in debt. She sees his point of view. Elsie's boss at Charm Cosmetics rings, wanting to send her to London on a three-week course to be area supervisor. With Alan's agreement, she accepts. Lucille asks Billy to fix Nobby's radio. Ray gives Irma an idea about the holiday. Irma asks Hilda to look after the shop for her when she goes on holiday. She is delighted with the thought.


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