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Sally tells Alya about her confrontation with Geoff and, in return, is told that he attempted to gain a visiting order. Adam receives a phone call from Laura asking for free legal advice about her maintenance payments from Rick. Tim calls on Geoff and informs his father that although he's on his side, he won't let him take his troubles out on his wife. Geoff plans to return to work at Speed Daal. Simon has moved back into the flat. Nick tries to gently push Leanne into attending the support group but she's adamant about not going. Michael bitterly tells Aggie that she's got what she wanted: Grace gave him the brush-off and doesn't want to see him again. Leanne apologises to Toyah who has an idea to help her. Tim is surprised when Sally tells him about Geoff's attempted visit. Laura demands more money through Gary within twenty-four hours or she will be informing the police that he knows of Rick's whereabouts. The garage receives a breakdown call which Abi asks Kevin to take when she hears that the customer's name is Damon Boulter. Geoff makes up a story for Tim as to why he tried to visit. Kevin attends to Damon's car and hears that he, his wife and two children are about to immigrate to Australia. Tyrone and Fiz enjoy a meal out together at Speed Daal and overhear Alya attempting to throw Geoff out when he comes in to work, claiming he was the one abused for months by Yasmeen. Toyah asks her friend Josie MacGyver to come to Leanne's flat and explains that Josie runs the support group for parents with terminally ill children. Leanne hears that she lost her own nine-year old son, and that the other attendees are in similar situations to her. Tyrone and Fiz offer Geoff their support after Tyrone's own abuse at the hands of Kirsty. Leanne connects with Josie. Imran advises Alya that Geoff has a legal right to be in the restaurant. Geoff overhears her say that Yasmeen's due to phone her at 3.00pm. Aggie apologises to Michael. Geoff goes on a break and Alya can't find her phone. A troubled Gary checks his tenancy agreement with Underworld. Abi tells Kevin and Tyrone that she thinks Damon's two children are her own two kids, Charlie and Lexi. Yasmeen rings Alya and is shaken when Geoff answers the phone, saying he's got a proposition for her.


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  • This episode, transmitted at 7.30pm, was the only episode shown on this date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to a temporary cessation of the programme's production which began on 23rd March, and a scaling back on the transmission of previously recorded episodes from six to three a week which began from 30th March onwards.
  • This episode contains some scenes shot after the regulations were relaxed and shooting could recommence from 8th June onwards, albeit with social distancing rules being rigorously observed by both cast and production crew.
  • This episode was produced with the original intention of it being transmitted on Monday 18th May at 7.30pm.
  • The scene where Kevin Webster attends to Damon Boulter's broken-down car was recorded in the car park of the MediaCity studios.
  • TV Times synopsis: Yasmeen is horrified when she receives a phone call from Geoff; Leanne apologises to Toyah for the things she said; and Abi swerves a breakdown call from the twins' adoptive dad.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,719,635 viewers (3rd place).
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