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Carla is surprised to find Scott having breakfast in the bar. He tells her that he knew Johnny from many years ago. Toyah is surprised when Nick returns to work. Adam celebrates his birthday. After talking to a passing Daniel, Ken realises he's neglected his son and Bertie of late as he's been so occupied. Adam spots Summer and Kelly talking at the bus stop. Kelly seems a bit subdued and only accepts an invitation from Summer for tea with some reluctance. Scott tells Carla that he and Johnny worked together in the late 1970s and he knew of her mum. Tim tries to drop hints to Geoff that he would be happier in his own house but his father sees through him and wants to know if he's being asked to move out. Chelsey, a young woman, comes into The Kabin with a sob story to con some money out of Cathy. Feeling sorry for her, Toyah also hands over a note. Nick tells her that Leanne insisted he return to work. His feelings hurt, Geoff moves back into No.6. Chelsey comes into the Rovers and spends the money on vodka-tonic. She's interested when she spots Carla. After watching the customers and staff, she quizzes Sean who tells her that Carla is the boss. A worried Leanne shows Toyah a video of Oliver playing with his building bricks, explaining that he used to build a tower but now he's regressed. She's having trouble coping with the waiting between medical appointments and searches the web herself to investigate options. Brian spots Chelsey in the Rovers, angry that she's using the money she was given to spend on drink. Carla has to intervene when he gets angry with her. She's puzzled when Chelsey mentions her by name. Adam approaches Laura in the cafe and flirts with her again, asking questions about Kelly. He quietly pockets his wedding ring to continue the chat before she can spot it. Carla asks Sean what Chelsey was saying when they were chatting earlier. Chelsey takes a video on her phone of Carla at the bar. Ken visits Daniel for a catch-up. Tim offloads his troubles to Eileen about Geoff and is shocked to hear that she takes Yasmeen's side in the matter. He storms out of the cab office in anger. Chelsey approaches Carla in the toilets and asks the startled lady if she really wants her friends to find out how she knows her.


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  • This episode, transmitted at 7.30pm, was the only episode shown on this date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to a temporary cessation of the programme's production which began on 23rd March, and a scaling back on the transmission of previously recorded episodes from six to three a week which began from 30th March onwards.
  • This episode was produced with the intention of it being transmitted on Monday 4th May at 7.30pm.
  • Last appearance of Eileen Grimshaw until 25th September 2020.
  • TV Times synopsis: Carla is cornered by a mystery girl in The Rovers; and Tim begins to wonder about Geoff's protestations of innocence after Sally tells him she wants Geoff out of the house.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,170,284 viewers (4th place).
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