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David runs home from a jog at a frantic pace. Gail warns him that he's pushing himself too hard. Dr Ward reports that they're slowly reducing Oliver's sedation and so far he is showing no signs of having any more fits. Ray calls at No.3 to apologise for Don's behaviour and to report that he's been fired. The Bailey's aren't overly impressed, and Ed only reluctantly shakes his hand, knowing it's not the end of the attitudes they suffer from. Shona has an assessment interview with Alice Manley and says she wants to go home, but not to Coronation Street and David, but to her "boy" on the Robeson Estate, forgetting that Clayton's now much older and in prison. She loudly demands to be able to visit him. Toyah offers to spend the day with Simon. Wanting to do something, Nick offers to go home and search for Oliver's favourite toy car for when he awakens. David is livid when he's told that Shona wants to visit Clayton and not see him. James overhears Michael having a friendly phone conversation with Grace. James worries about coming out publicly. Cathy encourages Gemma to post her vlog but she's reluctant, fearing ridicule. Liz gets too optimistic and unrealistic about the speed of Oliver's recovery and Toyah has to bring her back down to earth. David locks himself in his room, not wanting to talk to anyone. Gail summons Sarah to help but he emerges to go for yet another run. Nick has trouble finding the car, getting annoyed as he feels useless. Simon finds the car. Nina reluctantly celebrates her birthday. Aggie treats Ed to a lunch. He's decided to stop telling James what he should do. Gail and Liz share their respective woes. Oliver opens his eyes. Shona doesn't recognise Clayton at the prison as a result of her memory loss. She loudly demands to know where her son is. Gemma reluctantly allows Chesney to view her vlog. In the County changing rooms, Tommy Orpington stands up for James when fellow player Wayne makes homophobic comments after he has come out. Leanne and Steve grow concerned when Oliver doesn't react to their voices. In search of another adrenalin kick, David attacks a group of youths. They all furiously give chase as he runs off.


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  • This episode, transmitted at 7.30pm, was the only episode shown on this date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to a temporary cessation of the programme's production which began on 23rd March, and a scaling back on the transmission of previously recorded episodes from six to three a week which began from 30th March onwards.
  • This episode was produced with the intention of it being transmitted as the first half of an hour-long episode on Friday 24th April at 7.30pm.
  • First appearance of Shona Platt since 12th February 2020.
  • Kate Waters was credited as the fight arranger for the scene where David Platt attacks the group of youths.
  • TV Times synopsis: Oliver's recovery hits a setback; David continues his quest for kicks; and James struggles with banter.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,987,280 viewers (2nd place).
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