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Leanne grows more pessimistic about Oliver's prognosis as Toyah arrives to support her. Grace drops Tianna off with Michael. James stuns his family by announcing that he's quitting football. Ed is unsympathetic, as he didn't try hard enough to hide his sexuality. Don continues to be racist towards the Baileys, calling Michael "Fresh Prince" as he and Ed finish up at the bistro. Michael is disappointed with his father when he again turns a blind eye. Ed shows him his battle scars to prove that he isn't afraid to challenge racists. Michael points out that if he doesn't call out Don now, then he's just leaving the fighting for someone else. Nick apologises for being so doom and gloom and makes up with Leanne. Ed and Michael are paid by Ray. The Baileys make a brief appearance at the bistro opening party just to show willing. Chesney, Gemma and Dev are the only other street residents there. The Baileys are furious when Don refers to them as a tribe. When Don remarks to a mate that "if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys", it sets Ed off. The builder asks Don to repeat what he said. Ray attempts to calm the situation as the other guests listen on. Met with a stunned silence from Don, Ed repeats the racist comment to the whole room. Don is shamed into making an apology but Ed tells him to shove it and leaves with his family. Back at No.3, Michael gives Tianna a pep talk telling her to be proud of who she is as Grace arrives to collect her. Grace instinctively kisses him before apologising. Decamping to the Rovers, Ed regrets making his tirade so public but Aggie is proud of him. Dev joins them and relates his own experiences at the hands of racists. Aggie is upset when James declines her invitation to sit with them. Dev and Kevin disagree over whether racism is still prevalent in football. Aggie pleads with Ed to support his son. Ed is moved and joins James in No.3's yard. He apologises to James for not being there for him and promises he'll be right beside him from now on. James cries as he hugs his dad.


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Ed Bailey: "I am so weary. I've 'ad a lifetime fightin'. Fightin' people callin' me names, and I 'av heard every name and every stupid comment you can think of. I've 'ad people do my accent, or maybe their own brilliant Caribbean accent. I've 'ad people like you ask me if I can read, if I went to school, if I can swim. I've had people like you assume I'm a criminal, I can get 'em some stolen goods or some ganja. I've been asked if I came in on the Windrush. I've been asked what I eat, what cricket team I support. I have heard it all a thousand times, but I don't think any of these good people 'av 'eard it. So let's 'ear it again one more time. No? Then I will say it for you. He said "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!" I am weary, but as a wise young man said to me, if I give up then I'm just leaving the fightin' for someone else, so I'm not givin' up."

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