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Leanne and Steve keep a vigil at Oliver's bedside. They've resisted the temptation to Google mitochondrial disease. Aggie tells the Baileys they've to be at the reopening of the bistro as she wants to show Tianna off to some friends of hers. James reveals he isn't playing tonight as he's been dropped from the squad. Tyrone takes the mickey when he catches Evelyn and Arthur having breakfast together at No.9. Evelyn snappily asserts that he just popped in on his way to an appointment at the medical centre. Leanne blames herself for not noticing sooner that Oliver had a problem. Steve can't take any more waiting and looks up the disease online. He finds out that there are different strains, and some people who have it live full lives. Gemma is perkier than she's been for ages thanks to the support group. Steve presses Dr Ward for a proper diagnosis and loses his rag over how slow things are progressing. He's convinced the doctors know more than they're saying but Leanne tells him to behave himself. Michael urges Ed to ease up on James. Sean suggests that Gemma record a vlog and share her experience online, remembering how it helped him to hear stories from people who'd been living on the streets when he was homeless. Evelyn tells Tyrone and Fiz that Arthur is just a friend. Sean and Cathy help Gemma record her vlog, where she slams Freshco's ad campaign and the company for not accepting her. As Leanne and Steve reminisce over Oliver's childhood, Nick accuses them of acting like the boy just has a cold. Leanne feels he's given up on Oliver and tells him to go.


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