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Oliver has stopped fitting but the doctors can't prescribe medication until they know what's wrong with him. He's taken in for an MRI scan as Leanne and Steve are told they're in for a long wait. Gemma tells the support group that she fantasises about hurting her babies. She's comforted being around people who don't judge her. Ed turns the other cheek when Don hands him yet another snagging list. Michael's grumbles elicit further ribbing from the man. After their run, David admits to Craig that he went to the Hylda Baker Estate looking for trouble as it gives him a buzz. Craig urges him to stop for his family's sake before he destroys himself. Evelyn goes dancing with Arthur and takes a Tupperware box with her to cadge a load of freebies. Oliver's scan shows changes to his occipital lobe. The doctors run genetic blood tests to find the cause. Steve asks if it could be his myotonic dystrophy but they're told that it's unlikely. Gemma feels better knowing that there are other women like her as she feels like less of a freak. Michael doesn't understand why Ed laughs along with Don's cruel jokes. James's manager threatens to put him on a transfer list following his altercation with the fan. Evelyn enjoys herself with Arthur and begins to drop her icy exterior. Michael thinks Don is a racist and should be called out. Ed says it's a fight they can't win as Don is their employer. The blood tests reveal that Oliver has an underlying genetic condition, probably mitochondrial disease. Leanne and Steve are asked to stay off the internet until Oliver is diagnosed to avoid misinformation. They're in disbelief as their son's prognosis goes from bad to worse.


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