Oliver has slept through most of the night and seems back to normal. Steve is tired after watching over him and goes back home to catch up on his own sleep. Ray tells Ed that Danny has left the bistro manager’s job and moved down south. His replacement, Don, has complained about some of his finishing work and Ray wants him to go back over it before the official opening, withholding final payment until it’s done. Despite starting her medication, Gemma is still on edge and not happy about going to the post-natal depression support group. Steve reports back to his family about Oliver before retiring to bed. At Nick’s request, David calls to the flat and tells Leanne about living with epilepsy. His brusque comments are not appreciated by her. Evelyn denies to Audrey that Arthur means anything to her. Michael helps Ed with the bistro work, prior to him starting at Underworld in sales next week. They are taken aback when Don is racially rude to Ed, calling him “Lenny Henry” and complains about their work rate. David is forced to agree when Craig suggests that they go running together. Oliver has another fit and an ambulance is called. James is surprised to hear that Danny has gone, and accuses his father of being pleased at the news. Toyah and Nick can’t raise Steve to tell him about Oliver. As the time for the support group nears, Gemma’s temper worsens. Ed and Michael can’t find anything wrong with their previous workmanship. Don continues to be rude and calls them “you people”. Ed lets it go, leaving Michael confused. Craig makes David join his daily run. Tracy and Liz come home and tell a newly-woken Steve what’s happened. They rush to the hospital. Rita has doubts about Geoff’s innocence. Arthur turns up in the Rovers and invites Evelyn to a dance that afternoon. Gemma is stunned to recognise herself in comments made by Heather, another woman at the support group, who tells them how badly she’s coping. A County fan approaches James in the street and makes homophobic comments. Tim has to stop them fighting. A doctor tells the families that Oliver is still fitting and has been sent to intensive care.


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