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Oliver is rushed into hospital where Aggie is on duty and sends him to be examined. Steve and Leanne find common ground in their distress. Bernie begins to get annoyed with constant criticisms from Cathy and breaks down. Cathy takes her under her wing and outlines a proper training plan but is easily distracted when Bernie breaks open cans of cider for them both. The A&E doctor orders a series of tests to be done on Oliver. Alya and Ryan go to the Rovers where he is perturbed when she blabs to Sean what she thinks about Geoff. Ryan counsels her to be careful what she says but she is happy that a gossip such as Sean will spread the word about Geoff's true nature. Nick, Simon and Liz arrive at the hospital. A worrying Leanne feels guilty that she's been a bad parent. David goes to the Hylda Baker Estate in seek of new adrenalin thrills. He sees a drug exchange taking place from a car belonging to a group of young lads. Tim rushes to Geoff's bedside with the news of the bail hearing. Geoff puts on a show of sadness as to what things have come to. Katrina Ward, the consultant, tells the waiting family they haven't ruled out epilepsy yet. David climbs across the back of the car and stamps on the roof to provoke the lads into chasing him. They do so but are stopped in their tracks when they see Craig on patrol. Slightly drunk, Cathy and Bernie enjoy skiving from work. Oliver is awaiting further tests. Bernie and Cathy go to the Rovers where they enjoy each other's company and agree on a fresh start. Cathy suggests Bernie makes a move on Dev as they'd be an ideal couple. At the bar, David claims to a questioning Craig that he was just exercising and asks him to keep quiet about what he saw. Leanne snaps at Nick when he talks about David's experience of epilepsy. Katrina confides in Aggie that she's worried about Oliver's case. David returns home and gives Gail a sarcastic birthday card. He's troubled when he hears about Oliver and relaxes his cold attitude towards his mother. Alya has the locks changed on No.6. Ryan is concerned that she's setting things in motion to allow Geoff to claim that he's the victim. Oliver is brought home. Leanne agrees that Steve can stay the night to look over his son. The family unites around the child.


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