Alya is led away from Geoff's room by DS Abney. David sleeps through Max's speech. Paul is shocked to hear what Kelly did and urges Billy to throw her out, for Summer's sake. Gary eavesdrops from the neighbouring booth in the Rovers. Nina tries to boost Asha's self-esteem. Geoff tells DS Abney that Yasmeen has hit him before. The detective establishes a pattern of violent, alcoholic women in Geoff's life, including Jocelyn Walkey and Tessa Metcalfe. Tim hears about the pub incident for the first time and accepts Geoff's account of it, having total faith in his dad, while Sally quietly takes everything in. Adam finds out from Ryan that Ali has left because of Gary. Imran cautions Alya against blackening Geoff's name, as she's prejudicing potential witnesses if Yasmeen's case goes to trial. She nevertheless sticks the knife in when Cathy expresses her regret at not being a better friend to Yasmeen. Maria is wary about Gary helping Rick's daughter. Gail reminds David that the family are there if he needs help. Yasmeen is relieved to hear that Geoff will probably be okay. An envelope is posted through No.7's letterbox addressed to Asha. Dev inspects it before Asha sees it. Yasmeen tells DS Abney that she thought Geoff still had the knife in his hand when she attacked him. She breaks down as she's shown the photographs of his neck wound and begs to see him to say sorry. Gary tells a guilty Billy how pleased he is that he isn't turning his back on Kelly. Billy and Paul are about to give Kelly her marching orders when they find her at the bus stop with her bags, having decided to spare them the job. Paul relents, convinced that she's genuinely sorry. Sarah catches Adam reading about Rick online. He explains that he's looking out for Amy as she's friends with Kelly. Asha opens the envelope which contains a sketch of her face. On the underside, the artist has written "In case you needed proof". Sally is rattled by the revelations about Geoff. Yasmeen is charged with attempted murder.


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