Yasmeen spends the night in a cell. A forensics team combs No.6, unaware that they're being filmed on Geoff's CCTV. Geoff is stable after a night in hospital. Sarah and Adam arrive home from their honeymoon, both agreeing to forget about Gary. Speed Daal is closed until further notice. Cathy and Eileen compare notes on the Metcalfes' recent troubles and notice a pattern of questionable behaviour by Geoff. David stuffs a ripped t-shirt in the washing machine before Gail sees it. Max is handed the closing speech at the YORP (Youth Outreach Programme) awards. Gail plans a family meal at Valandro's afterwards. Adam clocks Sharon Geary going into the Furniture Shop. Gary demands that Sharon locate Laura Neelan so she can take Kelly back. Steve joins Leanne when she takes Oliver painting at the community centre. Roy asks Amy and Asha to help out at the awards in order to get Asha out of the house. Alya returns from Spain and meets up with Ryan at the police station. Geoff regains consciousness and cries out that Yasmeen tried to kill him. Leanne tells Steve that Oliver's key worker at nursery is worried that he isn't developing physically at the same rate as the other children. Steve brushes off her concerns. Two lads start on Asha the minute she arrives with one of them, Jamie, mentally undressing her. Nina comes to her defence and punches him on the nose. Alya tells Imran that Yasmeen must have been acting in self-defence. She worries that Yasmeen is too brainwashed to defend herself. Asha is mortified when Dev tears a strip off Jamie as well. Billy tries to calm the situation however Dev starts on Kelly, causing Gary to appear out of nowhere to defend her. DS Abney gets Geoff's side of the story, with Tim and Sally sitting in. He says they were arguing about Yasmeen's drinking when she attacked him with the bottle. Adam is intrigued to hear that Kelly's surname is Neelan. Nina encourages Asha to see that what's done is done and she shouldn't hide away. David has a rest before the awards and falls asleep. Alya turns up at the hospital and accuses Geoff of making Yasmeen so scared for her life that she had to protect herself. He riles her with his nice guy act.


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