A fragile Yasmeen comes downstairs having overslept to find that Geoff has made a special breakfast, and he has also confiscated her phone and laptop, supposedly for her own good. Feeling ill, she can’t eat the breakfast so he presents it back to her cold at lunchtime, all the time heaping abuse on her for her behaviour. He goes to the cafe on his own, where he sees Peter. He asks him to not speak to Yasmeen again about her alcoholism as it’s pressuring her. Peter and a listening Eileen are not impressed with his behaviour. Despite Brian trying to stop her, Cathy tries to call on Yasmeen but she won’t answer the door, listening to Brian’s claim that she’s ghosting Cathy and she doesn’t deserve her. Geoff returns home and taunts Yasmeen that Ryan has been showing him Zeedan’s wedding photographs. He then claims that Peter has been talking about her in the cafe and accuses her of planning to run off with him. Yasmeen desperately tries to assure him that he’s the only man she wants and he backs off. She asks to be allowed to log on to see the wedding photographs. Later in the day, she also has to ask permission to be allowed outside to feed the chickens which he grants, though he watches her every move. Whilst in the garden, Sally invites them to join her and Tim at a special bistro relaunch night and won’t take no for an answer. Geoff has no option but to give in and Yasmeen has to assure him she’ll be on her best behaviour. When they’re ready to go out, she has no smart clothes to wear as Geoff’s burnt them all. He presents her with an overtly sexual dress to wear that he bought for his escort. He insists she wears it, watching her coldly as she changes, crying all the time. When they meet Sally and Tim in the Rovers for pre-drinks, they find it hard to compliment her new look. Geoff isn’t happy with their behaviour. Feeling she’s getting too many looks, she flees to the toilets to regain her composure. When she returns, she asks Cathy and Brian to join her but they coldly refuse. Yasmeen is staggered when she finds out from Tim and Sally that Geoff is financing their wedding. When they’re on their own, she gets him to admit that he took the money out of Speed Daal. He insists they go home, hissing in her ear not to show him up. Leaving her own house, Eileen witnesses Geoff ordering Yasmeen into No.6 and locking her inside. She goes into the Rovers where she mentions some of what she’s seen but everyone in there thinks Yasmeen is to blame for her strange behaviour. Geoff returns with chips, continuing to abuse his wife. He makes a sandwich with a sharp knife as she struggles to take the dress off. She falls to the floor and he throws chips at her while he laughs, admitting he has been seeing escorts. He waves the knife in her face, yelling at her all the time. Fearful for her life, she finally breaks and smashes a wine bottle across his head, then stabs the broken shard into his neck. He falls to the ground with blood pouring out of his throat.


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